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  1. blassoff

    Parts For Sale Brand New Brake Pads, complete set, Gen1

    Brand new, Carbone Lorraine Super Sport Brake Pads for 2001-2005 Yamaha FJR. Purchased for my 2004 (sold last year). Used these same pads on my 2005, worked great, long life. $82 Paypal F&F (or add 3%) Delivered to your door within the lower 48 states. Includes both pad sets for the front...
  2. blassoff

    Parts For Sale Garmin Zumo 665, with lifetime maps, GXM40, 8gb SD card, OEM Wiring harness, Car Mount, 12V adapter, SunShade, Etc.

    Up for sale, my Garmin 665LM with a myriad of accessories; GXM40 Sirius XM Satellite radio receiver, Sunshade, 8GB Micro SD Card, Full OEM Wiring Harness, Ram Ball Mount, Automobile mount and 12V power adapter, Waterproof harness cover, East Coast US ride routes. I've owned this for years and...
  3. blassoff

    Parts For Sale S O L D - Parts and Farkles for Sale - S O L D

    I have the following parts and accessories for sale; S O L D BACK OFF XP Brake light module along with a BACK OFF LED Light Bar $80 delivered within the lower 48 S O L D SOLD New In the Box GREEN DOT Cam Chain Tensioner, bought years ago, never installed. $95 delivered within the lower 48...
  4. blassoff

    Parts For Sale Parts for Sale: GPS Mounts, Drivers Backrest, 2013-2015 Service manual

    Hey all; I have the following toys available; SOLD WynPro tank mount Ramball. Used, excellent condition. $42 delivered in the lower 48 SOLD Triple Tree stem mount. $38 Delivered in the lower 48 S O L D Gen 1 Drivers Back Rest from BAK-UP USA. Very good condition, super comfortable...
  5. blassoff

    Parts For Sale S O L D Garmin Zumo 660 with 12 volt power supply S O L D

    Garmin Zumo 660. Good shape, works perfectly, includes 32GB memory card and 12 volt power supply with harness. You'll need a ram ball adapter to mount it on your bike (3/4 to 1" I think) Just updated, include lifetime maps. $240 delivered within the lower 48.
  6. blassoff

    Parts For Sale FJR Accesssories for sale, SOLDGen2-3Russell Day-Long Saddle, Gen1 New Brake Pads, Gen1 Drivers Back Rest, and SOLD2014 Paint Kit

    Please see pictures below; Gen 2-3 RDL Saddle is SOLD. Backrest is $110, SOLDPaint Set is $38.00, New Carbone Lorraine brake pads (Gen1) are $105.00, all delivered within the lower 48. .
  7. blassoff

    SOLD 2004 FJR1300 for sale CHEAP SOLD

    Link to ad on FJR Owner's site.
  8. blassoff

    S O L D ClearWater Lights. I have a set of Ericas and a set of Darlas. Excellent condition

    Hey Folks; My New (to me) 2015ES came with enough lighting to mimic an ambulance. It had Ericas with the mirror mounts, and a set of Darlas mounted on the sides of the front fender. If you decide to purchase them, it includes the harness, dimmer, and hardware (specifically for mounding the...
  9. blassoff

    S O L D S O L D Garmin Zumo 665, with lifetime maps, 8gb SD card, and base & 12V power supply

    Hey All; I've got a lightly used (in excellent condition) Zumo 665 for sale. I bought it as a backup unit but it never saw any action from me. It's an HD Road Tech unit, so it's got an HD splash screen, but otherwise it's a fully functioning Zumo 665. Includes lifetime maps, an 8gb SD Card, an...
  10. blassoff

    WANTED Gen2-3 Bagster Tank Cover in Black

    Looking for a Bagster tank cover for a 2015ES. Anybody have one they don't use, sell it to me. I pay quickly through paypal, please lemme know. Thank you, Baz 
  11. blassoff

    FOUND Standard oem Gen3 Windshield

    I have a new to me 2015es coming in and it's sporting a tall V Stream. I had one on my 05 for a couple of days and just didn't care for it. Anyone have a stock Gen3 shield  they don't need? Please let me know what you've got and what you'll take to send it my way. I can send a pre-paid shipping...
  12. blassoff

    Wanted - GEN1 Headlight assembly, yep, the whole thing FOUND

    Would be nice if it had all of the attachment points, but beggars can't be choosers. Please let me know what you've got and how much you'd like to receive for it. Shiiping to Villanova, PA 19085 Thank you, Baz
  13. blassoff


    Sorry, nothing to see here, move along.
  14. blassoff

    2004 Fjr1300 ABS for sale $2200.00 with accessories

    I have a 2004 FJR formerly owned by Steve Howard (RadioHowie). I purchased in 2017 after Steve had an accident with her, Minor damage to the front end (Front Stay and plastics only). The bike had 103,600 mile on when I purchased. It now has 107,xxx. I only started riding this bike with any...
  15. blassoff

    FOUND Gen 2-3 Givi Rack(E228) & Fuse Box and Harness

    I just picked up a "new to me" 2015A and need to start making it mine. Does anyone have a E228 givi luggage rack you can part with. Also, when I start farkling I'm gonna need an auxiliary fuse panel  Please let me know whatcha got, I'll happily pay or trade with cash as needed. Thank you, Baz 
  16. blassoff

    Airhawk 2 Motorcycle Seat Cushion

    Airhawk 2 Motorcycle Seat Cushion Air Pad Cruiser Medium 14 x 14" FA-AH2MED I purchased this a couple of weeks ago, brand new in the box. I bought it to go with a stock seat because I needed more comfort and it raised me up about an inch which helped greatly. To my surprise I was able to...
  17. blassoff

    2004 FJR1300, with non-functioning ABS and 107,000 miles

    So I expect the misses is going to me an earful if I try to keep both bikes. I'm half hoping that the bike is a buzzy mess so I just keep riding an FJR, but who knows. I tried a BMW F800 a few years back and it felt like crap to me. A buzzy twin that somehow felt really cheap compared to my...
  18. blassoff

    WTB: Accessories for a Givi E52 trunk FOUND

    Hi: So I'm looking for a backrest and luggage rack for a GIVI E52 trunk. The part numbers are E95 and E96. They're available commercially, but I'm happy spending less for used parts. Please let me know what you have and what you need and let's make a deal. Thank you in advance.  Baz      
  19. blassoff

    I'm interested in your opinions, Me, I'm pissed!

    Very briefly, I recently purchased a Seth Laam saddle from another forum user. All seemed to go swimmingly until the saddle arrived. Unbeknownst to me the saddle was a Seth Laam creation on a Corbin base. I researched it and yes, Seth will work with anybodies base (he charges more for Corbins...
  20. blassoff

    WTB Gen1 Russell Day-Long FOUND

    The stock saddle is killing my fat ass, help. Will happily swap oem saddles and cash for a decent rdl. (or just the cash).  I'm 6'0, 250. Lemme know what you've got and what you need. Thank you, Baz