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  1. Panman

    Dave Higgins / Highlander

    Sad indeed, I remember you two meeting up with me in Fortuna and having dinner together. RIP Dave.
  2. Panman

    Not a "Reuben Run" but "The Last Hurrah" - Labor Day Weekend 1-5 September 2022

    I think the Bodaiois Vixen Babe from the Island was nice to you Greg. JSNS
  3. Panman

    Mileage between Brake jobs

    I just checked the Drawer and I have a new set waiting to go in at a little over 120,000. Being the cheap ass that I am I have been using up the pads that had life in them from my first change. Now I'm think I'd better take a look! My notes tell me I changed the rears at 52,000 and fronts at...
  4. Panman

    Look what followed me home!

    Don't look to bad, enjoy!
  5. Panman

    Mileage between Brake jobs

    My first Change was about 50,000.
  6. Panman


    Here is a couple of more and the phone died. I've always liked old Triples. Check out the fuel door on this Laverda RGS1000. Fun day to get out and lot more MC's were there and most of them were rode there with a few trailer queens. Dinner was provided, Ribs and a bunch of different...
  7. Panman


    Went out for a little ride today to hang out with a bunch of Geezers and the old MC's. There was a meet and greet in the morning and most of the folks went up the mountain or ran around the local tasty back roads. I stayed and hung with these guys while they tried to sort out the brakes on this...
  8. Panman

    Parts For Sale Parts for sale

    You might say what you need.
  9. Panman

    I forked myself.

    Talked to Marcus the yesterday, he thinks he stuck the bushing/s like you did. He took them to KFG and had them do the rebuild, he believes that they have Race Tech Vales and Progressive springs in them.? Glad they are working for you!
  10. Panman

    Recognize anyone?

    Wow ,great stuff! And yes B/D, a place in my hart for the missing!
  11. Panman

    I forked myself.

    Andrew now has my spare set of forks that were rebuilt by Barry and carry the GP sticker. I bought these from Marcus who bought them from Wayne (extermmarine). He now can ride till he gets his stuff fixed, I would have tried to fix his myself but vise wise I'm not quite there yet.
  12. Panman

    Kamloops suggestions

    On the way to the Rallye at Nakusp we rode 5A up and we all enjoyed it. We stayed at the Riverland Inn in Kamloops and ate the Frick & Frack Tap House. The next dat we went to Dreamcycle in Sorrento. After the Museum we rode to Nakusp Like This Enjoy, I could go on and on so much to see.
  13. Panman

    Spain, 2022

    Very nice, I'll be your sweetie is smiling at you and the two of yours son for doing this together. Good job!
  14. Panman

    FJR1300 To Be Retired

    They quit making the FJR in 19 as far as I'm concerned when they dropped the A line. Anything after was made for Randy Newman's "Short People". :).
  15. Panman

    Inaugural LDX RALLY (Butt Lite Replacement)

    Sorry to hear Bryan, when I was down that bike looked more than ready.
  16. Panman

    New Harley Sighting?

    Well Bug, I'm not going to be the one to try and prove anything! The FJR is about 90 plus pounds heavier with five less HP? It's not for me, I don't know why anyone needs a 150 HP dual sport? I'm happy with my Tenere, also still satisfied with my 07 FJR. Between the two I've meet a lot of nice...
  17. Panman

    New Harley Sighting?

    I thought it was cute and you shouldn't be sorry. Lost a friend years ago because we teased him first because he rode a BSA then bought a Harley he was a good guy. Since then I've always been a bit careful about teasing folks about the ride they have! The real loud and real proud I don't have...
  18. Panman

    New Harley Sighting?

    Try riding the New Pan American, all you might see is some tail light.
  19. Panman

    KrZy8, 250,000 miles later

    You missed one.
  20. Panman

    2022 CFR Nakusp

    Why did you take the FJR instead of the GS Pretty Boy?