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  1. GalaxyBlue

    2005 FJR For Sale

    I know i am going to catch hell for this, But here goes! I recently bought a Victory Cross Country Tour, And love it. After 10 years of incredible adventures and friends made, This makes getting rid of the FJR REALLY fucking hard. Here is the link...
  2. GalaxyBlue

    Added another bike to the Stable

    Say hello to my new (to me) 2012 Victory Cross Country Tour! I know this is blasphemy to even think of me getting a Cruiser, But it happened! And i have to say, This is one NICE machine! It's no FJR, That's for damn sure, But it rides so nice and smooth. I plan on keeping the FJR for spirited...
  3. GalaxyBlue

    SWFOG 2014 Sig Image

    I resized the logo for the sig line. Just copy & Paste.
  4. GalaxyBlue

    Issues connecting 590LM, Sena10R, Galaxy S4.

    It's crunch time, And i am all packed and ready to roll out tomorrow morning for SW-FOG. I have been trying to pair the Zumo 590 (with built in Pandora control)to my Sena smh10R WITH my Galaxy S4. I can get the Zumo to control the Pandora when paired to the S4, But NO audio output to the Sena...
  5. GalaxyBlue

    Garmin GXM30 For Sale

    I have a used Garmin GXM30 for sale. I used it with my Zumo550 and worked great. Comes with Skyway reservoir mount. $100 Shipped ConUS
  6. GalaxyBlue

    SW-FOG Preparation

    SW-FOG Preparation: Departure from HELL (BHC,AZ) 0600 Wednesday for Prescott to meet with Ed "PegScraper Air filter cleaned Spark Plugs Cleaned Engine oil changed Final drive oil changed Clutch fluid changed Brake fluid changed Tires changed Zumo 590LM installed with TPMS Bags packed I...
  7. GalaxyBlue

    Laughlin River Run 2014

    Who's coming? This area is already buzzing with bikes everywhere! I'll be in Kingman Saturday morning to start the festivities, With multiple stops throughout the day, And end up in Laughlin.
  8. GalaxyBlue

    Eat @ Joes BBQ Wikieup AZ... CLOSED?

    I drove by there yesterday and noticed a sign saying "Closed. For Sale". This saddens me. I always liked stopping in there and the memories with my FJR/BMW friends will last forever.
  9. GalaxyBlue

    Death Valley Daze 2014?

    I have not heard buzz about this yet. Whats the word?
  10. GalaxyBlue

    Welcome to F.O.D.S.

    Please use this section for all Dual Sport Ride planning related to the FJR1300 Membership. You can thank Papa Chuy Beemerdons for making this happen. Let's hope it becomes an active forum.
  11. GalaxyBlue

    Bearcat Lounge

    Yesterday, I was out strolling on the FJR through my town of Lake Havasu, And stopped into my favorite place to cure that sweet tooth. Frozen Yogurt! As i was leaving, Bobcat Jack rolled in on his Triumph Tiger and said hello. We made small talk and found out that he owns the Bearcat Lounge...
  12. GalaxyBlue

    Zumo 550 Screen issues

    Strange... It did this twice today and a reboot made it run normal again. My battery is fried also. It dies instantly when i unplug it from 12v. Could these be related? :dntknw:
  13. GalaxyBlue

    2730 Screen/Digitizer replacement

    I did a quick search, And can't find the right info on it. Mine is peeling and needs fixing, And i have read that Garmin is not repairing these anymore. Any help would be great.
  14. GalaxyBlue

    Northern Arizona Ride 6/15/11... Maybe 16th too?

    Just throwing this out for anyone interested in joining Big D and myself for a day ride in the beautiful Arizona Mountains. We will be coming from Kingman and leaving about 7-8am for Sedona and Lunch. Grand Canyon after, Maybe. Reply if your interested. :)
  15. GalaxyBlue

    Motorcycle Christmas Wish

    Here is my Christmas verse to all: 'Twas the night before Christmas And all through the garages Not a motorcycle was rumbling, Except for Santa Clause's. The leather was hung in the closet with care, In hopes that nice weather soon would be there. Our bikes were all nestled snug in their...
  16. GalaxyBlue

    2011 Honda CB1000R

    My inner Hooligan is screaming to get out!
  17. GalaxyBlue

    SW-FOG 2010 Images

    Since there are several threads with individual SW-FOG pics, I thought a thread with them all in one thread would be nice! I'll Start. I goofed and posted this in Pegscrapers Ride Report instead of my own thread I AM a Dumbass! :lol: As Requested by Papa Chuy... SpyderBret being force-fed...
  18. GalaxyBlue

    I'm a Dumbass

    Well, After a SUPER FANTASTIC weekend in Toas, Sin_Loki,HRZ and myself headed back to Albuquerque to part ways with HRZ and head west. ummm.... That separation didn't last long. I was leading Loki to the gas station at the Route 66 Casino and missed the correct driveway and ended up in the...
  19. GalaxyBlue

    Sunday (12th) Football in Phoenix

    I am going to be in the area all day sunday, And will be looking for a place to catch the games. Anyone want to join me for Brews and Football? While i am a loyal Charger Fan, I love all Football! Monday night i will be in Laughlin watching the Double Header!
  20. GalaxyBlue

    My SW FOG Itinerary

    After a few correspondences with SpyderBret, We have decided to make a straight shot from Kingman to Taos with minimal slab miles Google Maps As of right now, We are planning on leaving EARLY Thursday (16th) and arriving in Taos that afternoon. Anyone from wanting to catch up with us is...