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  1. zzzzip

    A latch that secures the lid on my 1450 Pelican broke without any indication there was a problem. I have been using it on different bikes for 3 or 4 years. I contacted Pelican HQ in California by email asking if this was something covered by their "lifetime" warranty. I figured not---wear and...
  2. zzzzip

    ****SOLD****Olympia AST jacket (large)

    ****SOLD****Aerostich AD1 pants, size 34 regular, grey color with Aerostich money belt. Pants are like new with a couple of light bug stains around the cuffs (you have to look hard to find them). Zips all work. Worn very little. Excellent condition. Olympia AST , size large, grey/black...
  3. zzzzip

    Spare tires for NAFO

    Since I will be trailering to bring my wife along this time, I will have room in the pickup to bring a set of new T-30 EVOs, and some tools. I'll have them for spares in case s*** happens to somebody's tires. You'd have to find a shop to put them on, and I can appreciate the dealer's wanting...
  4. zzzzip

    ***SOLD***Cee Bailey's Windshield (Gen3)

    Sargent World Sport seat has been sold Clear Cee Bailey's 21 inch tall (med) windshield for 2013-up Yamaha FJR1300. 4 inches taller and 2 inches wider than stock. Good to excellent condition. Located in NE Missouri. ***SOLD***
  5. zzzzip

    ***REMOVED FROM MARKET***2013 FJR1300-- 8,000 miles

    NO LONGER For sale: 2013 FJR1300 Stone gray with the factory heated grips and cruise control. Just turned 8,000 miles today. New tires at 5,000 miles (better than half tread left). Old front was cupping, so I just replaced them both with Bridgestone T-30s. Clean with no scratches or dings...
  6. zzzzip

    ***FOUND***WTB Cee Baileys for Gen 3

  7. zzzzip

    2005 SW-FOG routing?

    In June 2005 I came to my first SW-FOG. Ten years later, last June, I was trying to lead some guys on some of the same routes, but came up short. We did 84, 64, and 285, so it had to be some other route. On one day on '05, I recall we went thru some twisties in possibly a state park, that...
  8. zzzzip

    Weeping on swing arm

    '13 FJR 5,000 miles. I bought it used a couple of months ago. I failed to notice black oily dust on bottom of final drive swing arm weep hole down the arm to the pumpkin. Checked fd oil level and it was a bit over full so let some out to proper level. Been maintaining my FJRs for 10 years or...
  9. zzzzip

    New 2007 AE and 2008 still on the floor

    FWIW--I was in Iowa City, Iowa at the Yamaha dealer and saw they still have a silver 2007 AE and a black 2008A on the floor. Been there ever since I started stopping by years ago. Maybe they consider it a collector's bike now? I don't know how much they want--I haven't done any dealing with...
  10. zzzzip

    Which way is the better ride between Gallup NM and Cedar City?

    Coming from Gallup there's a choice of ways: 264 to 191 and Mexican Water then south on 160 to 98 to Page and 89 to Cedar City. (Also is the cut off at Many Farms to Kayenta a good idea, or is it not good road and too much time etc.?) 264 all the way to Tuba City then north on 89 to Page and...
  11. zzzzip

    ***SOLD***Throttlemeiser throttle locks

    FS: Throttlemeister throttle locks. 12 ounce, black milled. Includes extractor for stock bar end keepers to install the TMs. $75 plus shipping CONUS ***SOLD***
  12. zzzzip

    Need some input on making a tail rack for the '04

    I'm back on an "04 which has not much for mounting a rear rack. I'd like to add a small Pelican case to carry or store small light stuff, to a rack. The Gen II's have 3 bolts which would make it easy to do, but the Gen I only has one bolt. I'd like to keep the stock grab rails. On my last...
  13. zzzzip

    ****No longer needed***WTB Sargent seat for a Gen I FJR

    I'm looking for a Sargent seat to fit my '04. Prefer black on black in good condition. EDIT--***No longer needed*** I am putting the bike up for sale. Thanks
  14. zzzzip

    Barter at EOM

    I'll be bringing some FJR Throttlemeister bar ends to EOM to sell if someone wants to save a little on postage. I have to have funds to buy petey's beer while there.
  15. zzzzip

    WTB side case hole covers 2004 silver

    I need covers for the side case hole mountings on the rear of a Gen I bike. I prefer the '04 color since that is what I have, but could use an '05.
  16. zzzzip

    ***SOLD***Saddlemen Track Style seat for Gen I FJR1300

    Saddlemen Track Style seat, black with silver channel, one piece. Currently on a '04 FJR 1300. Made for Gen I bikes. Manufactured August 2012. Low miles, used in like new condition. Retails for $419+ I'm having trouble posting a photo, so please send a PM with your address and I'll forward...
  17. zzzzip

    Do you think a 2004 FJR garage queen with 4,500 miles needs this work done?

    I bought a 2004 non-ABS FJR with about 4,500 miles on it. The original owner kept it in a nice garage with other stuff in his collection (like a Gull Wing Mercedes), and it was sold with about 3,000 on it after his death a year or so ago. I think the second owner put about 1,500 miles on it...
  18. zzzzip

    ***SOLD***Garauld back rest and rack for Gen II

    ***SOLD***: Gary's back rest and rack which will fit the Gen II bikes. It has a couple of minor scrapes in the paint, but otherwise in excellent shape. $175 shipped CONUS.***SOLD***]
  19. zzzzip

    SOLD: Factory FJR bag liners and a Gen II handlebar wire loom

    Yamaha OEM side case liners with carry straps. A little dusty, otherwise like new. EDIT: SOLD Wire and cable loom from a GEN II bike. EDIT: SOLD