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  1. BigOgre

    340 today...

    But reading your title sent my mind somewhere else. :)
  2. BigOgre

    Solidarity in Sport Touring

    Love that area, was my go-to for day rides. 116 was never left out and a weirdly overstuffed sandwich in Cummington never disappointed. Hope you guys have a great time.
  3. BigOgre

    Riding pants

    +1 on the AD-1s. Very comfy as both overpants or with just a base layer. Waterproof and not too hot. Easy on and off but I can stay in them while off the bike no problem. But - they'll cost ya.
  4. BigOgre

    Parts For Sale Velvet Fog's Accessories and Gear Sale Part 1

    Incoming for the helmet and Ladies jacket.
  5. BigOgre

    GPS mount (3d print)

    I too have my GPS on the left bar and have sometimes thought I'd like it better where you put yours. Nicely done!
  6. BigOgre

    Parts For Sale SENA 30K FOR SALE

    Don't know your situation but if it helps I think the 1099 threshold is around $600. GLWS.
  7. BigOgre

    2015 FJR1300A

    Was just looking at your pics again. I suppose the deal is already complete but if you can try to get the dealer to get you the Yamaha emblem for that side case. (They all seem to fall off btw.) I think the parts fiche shows the whole silver strip as a replacement which is more $$ but you can...
  8. BigOgre

    2015 FJR1300A

    No need to upgrade the helmet though! That'll go great with the '15's color.
  9. BigOgre

    2005 First gear question / no starter engagement fix

    I'll add to the above the possibility of the TPS worn right around the low RPM range although I have a suspicion what you're describing is normal. I've had mine acting like that at times and that's with a replaced TPS (for another reason.) I've always chalked it up to operator error and adjust...
  10. BigOgre


    Welcome and good luck with it. Seems like a few '05s are showing up lately.
  11. BigOgre

    How far would you ride to grab lunch round trip?

    Always wanted to get there but never made it. Heard it was best to bring along someone to share it with also.
  12. BigOgre

    Spain, 2022

    There is a straight-forwardness yet elegant manner to your writing. Another great ride report thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you. BUT . . . going to need a group shot or two with all the players identified. Yeah, even you.
  13. BigOgre

    Ivan’s Flash Tuning

    There is a member here and on other forums that complains about the fuel cut (I think) when the throttle is chopped. I've been happy with Ivan's flash on my '15 but think I might be experiencing the same thing that he talks about. He's explained it in several posts but maybe he'll be along to...
  14. BigOgre

    Motorcycle For Sale 2005 FJR1300 ABS 35k miles with Hannigan Sidecar For sale

    Very nice. Reminded me of the original Batcycle too. GLWS.
  15. BigOgre

    FJR v Versys 1000

    Lee, this isn't answering what you've asked but . . . your daughter will be riding with you 3-4x a year. How often would you be using the bike (which ever one you choose) aside from those three or four times with her? And could there be a difference in that answer depending on which model?
  16. BigOgre

    ground problem (spider bite) questions

    Sounds like you've got a good friend.
  17. BigOgre

    2005 FJR

    Well I was close anyway!
  18. BigOgre

    2005 FJR

    Right side, look into the upper vent cut-out. Should see what looks like a silver knob about the size of a dime. Turning that should adjust your idle however I'll echo what others said about looking for causes. Try setting it to 1150 but don't be surprised if you can't or it hunts back in...
  19. BigOgre

    Goodmans wrecked in KY

    Wow! Just thought of something. You wrote all that out with a broken wrist?? Sheesh. And not to make you write more but do you think longer gauntlet gloves would've helped there? With road rash sure but with the breaks?