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    Metzeler Roadtec 01 Comments

    Unsurprising news . . . . I have learned that Metzler is replacing (superseding?) 01's with 01 SE. 01 rears (in our size) already sold out in Canada. -Steve
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    Arkansas -Ozark St Francis Natl Forest - Highway 16 and 21

    Thx all, I got it now. thx -Steve
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    Arkansas -Ozark St Francis Natl Forest - Highway 16 and 21

    Thx The 2 links appear to be the same route, or have I not looked close enough? This is the route I originally planned to take, more or less. You would recommend it over a ride thru the National Forest? -Steve
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    Arkansas -Ozark St Francis Natl Forest - Highway 16 and 21

    I will be travelling from Bentonville to Little Rock shortly. Looking at a map and thinking about a route thru Ozark St Francis Natl Forest. Highways 16, 295 and 23 or 16, 295, 16 and 21. Informed comments appreciated. Thx -Steve
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    Metzeler Roadtec 01 Comments

    Way back in 2019 I posted tire comments about Dunlop Roadsmart's, and promised a future look at Road 5 and Roadtec's. Here Then COVID came along and well you know. Fast forward to now - my current tires are a pr of about to be replaced Roadtecs. These tires have about 12,500 km's (~7700 miles)...
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    Florida questions ?

    I am traveling to Florida later next month. Looking for a shop to do an oil change in/around St Augustine mid month. Also any tips on getting from St Augustine to Key West ? Suggestions welcome. Many thx -Steve
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    Hi from the UK

    Welcome. Ride Report, plse! Remember, without photos, it didnt happen.:) -Steve
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    What's the Weather like where YOU are today?

    Medicine Hat AB July 18. They were not kidding. -Steve
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    Question on FJR "Model Code", What does the ER (or CR) represent in FJR13ESER?

    There are (USA) ESC and ESGC designations. I dont know which is the CA-compliant. In Canada a 2016 ES is a B965. -Steve
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    Kamloops suggestions

    Was on 5 Hope to Merritt two days ago. Too much construction on the south (near Hope) end going on. (Rebuilding after the flood) The canyon (Highway 1) route is a nice motorcycle road. If you want Hells Gate, you have to go this way. 5a to Merritt, and get back on 5a after Merritt. Cant go wrong...
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    Ivan’s Flash Tuning

    From CAD 2016 Owners Manual - -Steve
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    Garauld Accessory Catalog Showcase

    Click on ‘garauld’ in left pane, under his photo. Click on ‘start conversation’. -Steve
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    Short Levers

    Agreed, had them on my 2012. Switched to ASV for the 2016, found the lever shape better suited to my hands. -Steve
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    Short Levers

    Pazzo’s are popular. -Steve
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    What did you do to your FJR today?

    This -Steve
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    Highway Pegs for T-Rex Canyon Cages on FJR-1300. Anyone know of any that will actually fit?

    You might consider my solution, if you dont mind getting the bars powder coated again. Post in thread 'What did you do to your FJR today?' -Steve
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    Third lock for 2022 FJR?

    Part number 5P5-28406-01-00, 2 keys, 3 locks. I think others have discovered a locksmith can cut keys that will work in the ignition and the case locks, so you dont end up with 2 sets of keys. -Steve
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    Third lock for 2022 FJR?

    If Yamaha Canada has it right, the third lock still comes with the bike. Assuming you are talking about OEM top case, not aftermarket sold by Yamaha? -Steve
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    What did you do to your FJR today?

    700 ish miles to Russell for an 80000 mile rebuild. 3 hr turn-around. Happy butt!
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    Show your Zumo XT some love!

    Armour for your XT. Lanyard and mount cover included. With or without sunshade. -Steve