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  1. SacramentoMike

    West Coast Gathering - June 2023, Fort Bragg, CA

    And forewarned is . . .
  2. SacramentoMike

    Ray Slocomb, FjRay - Now on second honeymoon with Patti

    AND I read this morning there's still one room available at the group rate. Or was when it was posted. Hope to see you there Russ.
  3. SacramentoMike

    Rip Van Winkle

    Dude--I just posted on that V-Stream thread you also posted on. I was surprised to see you back posting so I even mentioned that in my post. Now here you are again! So are you going to post on EVERY freaking thread I read now?
  4. SacramentoMike

    Laminar Lip gone, V-Stream Next?

    I'm with Bluesman (it's been a while, Simon) about changing out the shields, Had the big V-Stream a while ago and liked it very much for cold and rain, but not at all in the heat. It was summer when a few of us met up with a rider from Australia who was passing through with his wife and...
  5. SacramentoMike

    Motorcycle For Sale 2008 FJR for sale in Nor Calif.

    Guessing that info connects with your forum moniker (speaking as one of the old timers). But I like the paint job too.
  6. SacramentoMike

    Spain, 2022

    Lot of effort to post all this and pictures too, but very nice report. Looks like a blast for everybody. If it's your last ride of this kind, that's going out on a high note! Thanks.
  7. SacramentoMike

    2022 CFR Nakusp

    I was in a hurry to get home Sunday, so I barrelled out of Nakusp about 7:30 and rode 58 km on the wrong road. I realized I had an issue when the road curved to the right and took a dive straight into Arrow lake! Back to Nakusp and start again. Two long days of riding got me into Sacramento...
  8. SacramentoMike

    FJR1300 To Be Retired

    No. He's actually dead.
  9. SacramentoMike

    My worst ride to date

    Well that's the shits! Probably should have come to CFR instead! Hope you heal up and get yourself a nice new FJR.
  10. SacramentoMike

    2022 CFR Nakusp

    Bob Wrote: "My absence from the rally means that Tyler and Barb have more work..MeM has offered to help - which is greatly appreciated..a couple more volunteers would be wonderful..So, if you’re going to be at the rally and could help for an hour, please, please, raise your hand!" I'll find one...
  11. SacramentoMike

    Lane Positioning

    Just to stick in another perspective, I always move around in my lane a lot. I figure it is going to get somebody's attention, moving from side to side in his mirror or popping up on one side or the other. I also look to see if I can see his eyes looking back at me. Helps I ride with my very...
  12. SacramentoMike

    YFO 2023 - Gauging interest

    Make her come over there! And film what happens! Tyler, echoing the "thank you" here--you've obviously worked your little butt off to make something happen. Where would we be without you? Missed last YFO cuz it was squoze between my extended NAFO ride and the Reuben Run, but I'd REALLY love...
  13. SacramentoMike

    Finally, a bike uglier than Brodie's old AE!

    And the donor rides along on the back seat? For a personal donation? .
  14. SacramentoMike

    Storage suggestions in San Fransisco

    Parts of Cali and parts of SF do look something like that, but the signs are mostly in English. But I found out today that they charge $50 to park your car for a Giants game!
  15. SacramentoMike

    GF wants bike -- help wanted

    Anyway, Rich has had a new girlfriend since 2005. Or two. Or . . .
  16. SacramentoMike

    Storage suggestions in San Fransisco

    Buy a house. Sell when you get back and you could double your money. Or, find a place to store it anywhere along the train line that takes you toward SFO. Nowhere is parking as impossible (or overpriced) as SF.
  17. SacramentoMike

    Check out my new big Darla's

    I took a ride a few years back with Brodie and another rider--Brodie had the same setup as I had, two Kristas (at the time the biggest Clearwaters) under the mirrors and two Glendas on the forks, but he also had the amber lens covers on his Glendas. He always stayed at the back of the group...
  18. SacramentoMike

    2022 CFR Nakusp

    Careful, Bob. After the first YFO, we raffled off a set of Clearwater Lights generously donated by Glenn Stasky, the owner. We raised $635 (USD, too) and I sent the Yosemite Conservancy a check for the whole thing. Now every year I get a nice letter from the Yosemite Conservancy reminding me...
  19. SacramentoMike

    Parts For Sale Gen III stuff for free if you’re in the IBR

    Very generous offer. Good karma to you as well. What is it about Montana? Wrecked my first FJR in Helena on the way to Golden for NAFO #1 in, um, '14? Somebody correct me, but pretty sure you can send a PM by clicking on the poster's name and then "start conversation." And a Seth Lamm seat...