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  1. NorCal FJR

    Sunday Ride 06/13/2021

    Going to throw out another ride if anyone is interested. It supposed to be 90 degrees in the valley, so looking to head out of Sacramento for the hills, if anyone wants to go let me know. 
  2. NorCal FJR

    Tuesday Ride 3/30

    Looks like nice weather and have the day off. Anyone interested in a ride? I am in Sacramento. 
  3. NorCal FJR

    A Ride from Iowa to New Orleans I am doing a trip in May from Iowa south to see friends, but I don't know the area, so what are some good roads to ride. This map is a basic outline from the start in Iowa. If anyone could give some input it would be appreciated.
  4. NorCal FJR

    Motorcycle Shipping

    I am looking at a bike I want to buy, but can't get time off of work to go get it. Has anyone had a motorcycle shipped? If you did was it a good or bad experience?  Thanks
  5. NorCal FJR

    Frustration Factor Rant

    Haven't had a chance to be on the forum much over the last several months. Hell, I haven't had chance to really ride in the last couple of months. The short versions of my frustration starts here. I had a rental house and the renters called me with a MOLD issue in the house, so I do the right...
  6. NorCal FJR

    Canada Border Crossing Question

    I have some extra time before the Rueben Run, so I am planning to head to Canada. I have heard border crossings can be a pain. I have never crossed into Canada and would like any info anyone would like to share. I am planning on crossing the border into Canada on highway 5 and return on Hwy 3 /...
  7. NorCal FJR

    Northern California Riders

    Had a great time at YFO and met a lot of great people from Northern California. We talked about riding together, so I figured this would be an easy way to make contact for rides. Anyone who is interested can send me a pm with their name and email address. I will put together an email list and...
  8. NorCal FJR

    Map of USA

    I have seen peoples post with the map of USA and what states they have visited. I want to add that to my profile, but have not been able to figure it out. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. NorCal FJR

    Rear Shock Question

    I got an estimate to rework the suspension on my 2008. The shop recommended a Nitron rear shock R2 with hydraulic preload adjuster for the rear. I have looked but have not found any reviews on this shock. Anyone know anything about them? Thanks in advance Rich
  10. NorCal FJR

    OEM Top Case

    Selling black OEM Top Case from my 08 FJR, the box is in excellent condition. Could not figure out how to add the photos to this post. $300 OBO. PM me for pictures!!
  11. NorCal FJR

    West Entrance to the Grand Canyon

    I am on my 10 day trip and I am looking at going to the West entrance of the Grand Canyon where the sky walk is. I just found out the last 9 miles are unpaved. Has anyone done this and if so, is it doable two up?. I am going to have my wife with me. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Rich
  12. NorCal FJR

    Colorado Question

    I am fairly new to this forum and I am not sure if this is the right place to post this question, so if it is the wrong place, sorry. I am leaving in less than a week for a 12 day now 10 day ride. I am visiting friends in Colorado, but due to the loss of a couple of days I have to make some...
  13. NorCal FJR

    Frogg Toggs Sizing

    I am new to the forum and did a search and came up empty handed, so if this has already been discussed please point me in the right direction. I am looking at buying a set of Frogg Toggs for my trip, but I can't find out any information about sizing for going over your my riding gear. I am 5'8"...