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    That's it in a nutshell. Though it'd be nice to have a gauge that's perfectly accurate at all levels, if it at least acts the same way all the time I can deal with it. I know I can do 40 more miles after my '13 starts crying "feed me", and it'll still have a gallon or so on board. And it's...
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    Mileage between Brake jobs

    Mileage on a set of brake pads could vary wildly. A person who spends a lot of time on the interstates may go 200 miles between gas stops without using them at all. Then another guy who loves aggressively riding the twisties may use them hard several times a mile. FWIW, I changed my fronts at...
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    Oil filter

    I used to have an RV with a Ford V10, and I'd oil and tighten that filter 3/4 turn after the gasket touched. The last time I removed it I had to put a cheater bar on the wrench and anchor myself against the front tire to get it off. I bet I did put 100 lb-ft on it before it moved. :) I've got...
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    Oil filter

    Like Ross, I just don't have have the grip strength anymore to trust "hand tight." I install the filter until the gasket just touches then tighten 3/4 turn. Sometimes I can manage that by hand, and other times I have to use a tool like a cap wrench I hate the cap wrench for removal, though...
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    2022 knocked over

    I had a very slow-speed fall-over when I first got my bike, and Progressive paid off very well for me too. The covered every piece that had even the most minor scratch and didn't quibble at all with the shop's estimate. Then, the next year my rate went up something like 30% as I remember. I...
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    I endurance raced a couple of seasons a long, long time ago, and yes, just having the confidence that I could roll into a corner on the track confidently knowing there was nothing in the road, nothing coming from the other direction, yada, yada, made a huge difference. Add that to the fact that...
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    Welcome from Arkansas.
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    Yeah I guess I like Yamahas

    Yamahas have been my favorites over the years, but sometimes they just didn't have what I wanted at the time. But I made a list a while back, and if I remembered them all I've had 26 motorcycles -- 3 Hondas, 3 Kawasakis, 7 Suzukis, and a dozen Yamahas. If you're doing the math you can add one...
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    Why online motorcycle forums (fora?) are dying, so claims this article

    Check out the ZRX forum :). That bike's not been brought to the US since the 2005 model, and it's still the most active forum I visit.
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    Bubbles in coolant overflow tank - Coolant overflows

    I had the same problem a couple of years ago. I had to add a few ounces of coolant every day to get home from a trip west. A radiator cap solved the problem.
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    New Harley Sighting?

    Quarter-mile times would be interesting. But truthfully, in the real world it doesn't seem to matter a lot. At any rate, they're different bikes for different purposes. I recently did 5000+ miles in 12 days on the FJR. Five of those were 600 mile days. Would I want to do that on a Pan...
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    I counterlean a lot on tight, crooked roads at slower speeds. It's just easier, for me, to sit more upright and let the bike fall away from me. I went for years thinking I was pushing the bar down into the lean when, in fact, I was pushing it down and forward to countersteer. As I pick up...
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    New Brake Pads

    My brakes last a long time too. I failed to post when I changed the fronts on my '13, but I just changed the rears at 99,700. I ride a lot of interstate, though. I might stop for gas then get back on the interstate and not touch the brakes for over 200 miles. And I make a game of not using...
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    New Harley Sighting?

    I've got a friend I enjoy riding with who rides a late-model HD bagger. He's a heck of a rider, and I've followed him at well over 100 many times. He does things with that HD on crooked roads that I wouldn't have though possible if I hadn't seen it myself. :)
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    Ivan’s Flash Tuning

    I keep records in Excel, so it's easy to do stuff like this. :) In the 82567 miles before the flash I averaged 46.7 mpg. In the 22149 since I've averaged 44.6. That's calculated, not the on-board computer. Prior to the flash, though, I rode often on long trips with a fellow on a Goldwing who...
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    New guy

    Welcome from Arkansas. I tend to prefer Yamaha myself, though I have had plenty of others. I've had twice as many Yamaha as any other single brand, though. I've had a few on your list, FJ1200 , for instance.
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    Clutch Slipping!?

    Have you had the lever off? I had the same issue on my Kawasaki with a stock lever, but there was a tiny speck of trash in the hole in the bushing that kept the push rod from seating properly.
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    10W-50 vs. 10W-40 Motor Oil

    I've been following motorcycle forums either like this or on the old for, I suppose, right at 30 years, and I remember one. And from his description of his problem I suspect he had problems coming long before he changed to the oil he said caused it. If some of the oil analyses...
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    Traffic Cop makes a stop:

    I ride with a Harley rider occasionally that routinely runs 90+ on crooked roads in Arkansas. The first time I rode on a ride he led I was absolutely amazed at the pace he kept on Push Mountain Road -- with his wife on back. Then I rode with him on Hwy 7, when he didn't have his wife on back...
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    Flashing ABS Light

    I called my dealer, and they ordered the part. I took the bike by when it came in. I did ask if I could come get it and install it myself. Noooo ....:rolleyes: