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  1. Goodman4

    Goodmans wrecked in KY

    Tammy and I had a low-side Thursday on the second day of our Ohio trip on the Goldwing. We didn't even make it out of Kentucky. We both have broken wrists that need surgery. Tam got it a lot worse than I did, which I can't figure out. I have no other injuries except the wrist. She had a level 5...
  2. Goodman4

    Goodman4 still riding the 07 FJR

    Still loving my 2007 FJR that I've had since May of 2012. It gets a little neglected because I ride my MT10 90% of the time and the wife and I take our long trips on the 07 Goldwing.
  3. Goodman4

    October non-Washington ride options?

    I am leaning now toward not doing a Pacific Northwest trip in Oct. It is still an option, but it's a little colder with more chance of snow in the high passes than I might want to deal with. We have Icefields Parkway / Banff on our bucket list so it makes more sense to do some Washington with...
  4. Goodman4

    Mid-October weather in Washington

    You guys helped me do some planning for a trip to Banff and Washington this summer that never happened because of work. Canada would have been out too because of COVID (Ross correctly warned me last winter) but I still tried to make Washington work to no avail. I have one slight possibility now...
  5. Goodman4

    Looking for advice on beginner sport bike

    An 18 year old friend of mine saw my MT10 this last weekend and we started talking about bikes. He has never ridden but is getting ready to take the MSF course and get a beginner sport bike. I'd personally like to convince him to get something less sporty, but he has been looking at MTs and...
  6. Goodman4

    Here's a Song For You I hope the link above works for this post. I wrote and recorded an instrumental song this week and thought I might share it here. It's got an easy Adult Contemporary feel that could go well with a motorcycle...
  7. Goodman4

    Going to Scotland and other unlikely motorcycle dreams

    I thought for a couple days this week I might be needing to make some trips to Edinburgh, Scotland for work this summer. I was looking at places I could rent a bike there and take a week to ride. I found I could rent an MT-10 for 700 EURO which sounded really good.  But now it looks like the...
  8. Goodman4

    Washington and Banff trip planning

    I've had Banff on the list for destinations for a few years but it's never worked out.  We are seriously thinking about trying it next Summer.  It looks like I could slab it out to Seattle and ride around Mt Rainer and then across the Northern Cascades and then up. For first draft, I have us...
  9. Goodman4

    Name That Place Game

    My wife and I have our screen saver set to random pics and most of them are of our motorcycle journeys across North America.  We like to name the locations as they pop up. I thought I'd see if it was any fun for the forum to play along.  I'll post three at a time and you can guess one or more in...
  10. Goodman4

    Mens and Womens / Youth Mesh jackets and Cortech Magnetic Tank Bag

    All sold! Sold the tankbag here, and both jackets on ebay. Priced to sell since I'm cleaning out the garage: - Men's XL Cortech GX Air 2 summer mesh jacket size 46. $50 shipped to lower 48. - SOLD - Womens or Youth Yamaha Factory Racing Mesh Jacket. Labelled men's XS but fits women's medium...
  11. Goodman4

    WTB: Used Rev-It Horizon XXL jacket

    Anybody have a used Rev-It Horizon Jacket in XXL size in decent shape they'd like to get rid of? I bought one used several years ago and it's the only jacket I really like.  The zipper is about shot on mine. 
  12. Goodman4

    Goodmans ride NC Best Roads October 2020 +Fall Foliage

    Birmingham to NC (and VA) October 11-16 2020 I had just about decided not to do a trip report on this since it was another trip on the Goldwing, but after enjoying some of the other ride reports I thought I’d go ahead and share.  People on this forum helped me find these roads initially and...
  13. Goodman4

    Naked bikes and gravel / fire roads

    I just got an MT-10 and I've been trying to get a feel whether this bike is more manageable on occasional gravel / fire roads than the FJR or worse due to it's tweaky torque.  I grew up riding on gravel and in fields but that was on little bikes.  Still I got the basic understanding of...
  14. Goodman4

    Getting the urge for a change

    Maybe it's just this off-kilter year of 2020 getting to me, but I'm starting to think about switching bikes.  While I hate to think about getting rid of the FJR because it will likely always be my favorite bike, it is the better choice if I get rid of one.  I love the FJR because of the fun it...
  15. Goodman4

    Looking for tire wear

    I know this will likely be taken as a stupid question, but I got bit last week with my normal process, so I thought I'd ask what you guys do.  Before I worked from home due to COVID, I had a rural commute so I'm in the habit of never putting the bike on the center stand unless I'm doing...
  16. Goodman4

    Most technically challenging road

    We rode a "greatest hits" tour of popular NC (and nearby) roads this last week and Tammy asked me which one was the most technically challenging.  Also, how do NC roads compare with the other US twisty roads?  I've been contemplating that and am wondering what you guys think.  Factoring out...
  17. Goodman4

    Forest Fires

    I just read about how they are deploying sheep to help clear the fields to help stop the fires in Colorado and California.  They have found that the rams eat the wrong vegetation and it doesn't help at all.  This makes sense, of course, because only ewe can prevent forest fires.
  18. Goodman4

    Question about roads south of Tazewell VA

    I hopefully will ride up from Birmingham AL in a couple weeks through some of our favorite GA and NC areas.  If I make it up to 16 from Marion to Tazewell, I was looking at other road options coming back down to Bristol. My Butler map recommends 91 and 80 as great options but I can't tell if...
  19. Goodman4

    Goodmans ride Arkansas Ozarks and Talimena June 2020

    Tammy and I had a week off due to COVID closures at work June 13-20, so we worked out a visit with family and 4 days of riding in Arkansas.  We’ve been through the Ozarks a couple times but have never been down to the Talimena scenic drive, so that was a key stop in our plans. I’ve torn a tendon...
  20. Goodman4

    Arkansas Ozarks and Talimena

    Tomorrow the Goodmans are going to do something that has sadly become unusual for us.  We are going on a motorcycle ride!  With changes in my job and then with all the COVID stuff, we haven't taken any trips since last July.  I was travelling to Colorado during the winter every other other week...