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    Arkansas -Ozark St Francis Natl Forest - Highway 16 and 21

    I will be travelling from Bentonville to Little Rock shortly. Looking at a map and thinking about a route thru Ozark St Francis Natl Forest. Highways 16, 295 and 23 or 16, 295, 16 and 21. Informed comments appreciated. Thx -Steve
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    Metzeler Roadtec 01 Comments

    Way back in 2019 I posted tire comments about Dunlop Roadsmart's, and promised a future look at Road 5 and Roadtec's. Here Then COVID came along and well you know. Fast forward to now - my current tires are a pr of about to be replaced Roadtecs. These tires have about 12,500 km's (~7700 miles)...
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    Florida questions ?

    I am traveling to Florida later next month. Looking for a shop to do an oil change in/around St Augustine mid month. Also any tips on getting from St Augustine to Key West ? Suggestions welcome. Many thx -Steve
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    Show your Zumo XT some love!

    Armour for your XT. Lanyard and mount cover included. With or without sunshade. -Steve
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    Beware the Brown Wire !

    2016AE with about 50k miles- Not long after the brake switch and transmission recall was completed, I noticed the Cruise Control would turn on, but not set. First theories were bad switch, crushed wire, or something else to do with the transmission work. The bike passed all the diagnostics. Many...
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    “Pulls like a train” My first FJR - 2012 In full kit. Topcase, Day Long, Garmin 665 & shade, bag guards, frt sliders, Clearwaters, tank bag, RKA seat bag, bar end weights, GP/Penske, exhaust pipe guards, & more. Bought new, traded for 2016. -Steve
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    Waterproof Gloves

    I am shopping for waterproof gloves. My Alpinestars Valparaiso’s are wearing out. I never liked the way the liner became sticky if your skin was the least bit wet. Has anyone purchased A/stars Range or Range 2? Or any other waterproof glove with “Gore-Grip” (bonded membrane) and/or a removable...
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    How to Post Photos to the FJR Website with 3rd Party App 2021-vgy [dot] me

    NOTE : This process is no longer needed. Images can be posted directly. (June 2022) I see some struggle with posting photos. Plse read Uncle Hud's 2017 post in this forum for background info, and how this is different from posting avatar and footer images. You need to find an image hosting...
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    GARMIN ZUMO XT dimensions

    Atten ZUMO XT owners. Could someone plse take a moment and let me know the distance between the bottom of the unit and the center of the ball mount? Not looking for micrometer precision, a ruler with eyeball v1.0 is fine.  Many thx. -Steve
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    Bluetooth w/dual GPS’s

    Is anyone running two gps’s to one bluetooth headset successfully? I have a Zumo 665 which I want to keep for sat radio. I am thinking about buying an XT (on sale right now for a decent price). The SENA 10s headset says it supports two HFP connections, but I am looking for some real world...
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    GARMIN 396 on sale

    Shopping for a 396 in Canada? GPSCity have been good to deal with in my experience. -Steve
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    Pazzo Clutch lever

    Black long clutch lever with silver adjuster. More than 5 yrs old. Nothing wrong with the lever. Based on comments made here, I replaced it with an ASV lever when they went on sale in Dec, and like it even more than the Pazzo. A new Pazzo is C$105. Asking C$60, shipped in Canada, or US$45...
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    Preview a Post

    When the forum s'ware changed, I could not find a way to preview a submission before actually posting it. In case I am not the only one, Preview has simply moved to the toolbar. -Steve
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    Fit2Go TPMS review

    Fit2Go Review (sorry for the long story, but I thought full disclosure was entertaining, if nothing else) When Doran removed themselves from the motorcycle TPMS market, I started looking for an alternative. I wasnt interested in anything that used a smartphone. I wanted something that would...
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    RKA Luggage Sale

    The luggage that rarely goes on sale - (received this email this morning)   RKA 30% OFF SALE   On Tuesday October 8th sometime in the morning RKA had a major website meltdown.   RKA did not understand completely what...
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    Loose Pin=No Headlights

    On the last day of a 9000km trip I found myself without headlights. The eyebrow lamps still worked, but no head or cornering lamps. The dealer had the bike for sometime and finally discovered a loose pin in a connector in the "headlight sub-wire harness". I am told that all the...
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    I have created a new thread in the area of the forum. -Steve
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    Montana East-West

    Hello Montanans I am going to be traveling thru Montana, Missoula to Glendive early in Sept. Making miles, not sightseeing. MT-200 or I-90/94? thx -Steve
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    Summer Gear - Vest and Gloves

    Ergodyne Chill-its 6665, Grey, Large, Cooling Vest. Used once. Its perfect except I removed the plastic logo thing sewn on the chest. Fits big, I bought an XL first and it was way too big. Asking $20 including...
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    BC Hiway 3A Kootenay Lake Ferry

    3A around Nelson is a pretty popular motorcycle road. Heavy rain last night has flooded some of the hiway between Nelson and Kaslo with mud and other debris. Some single lane traffic. Kootenay Lake Ferry service down to one vessel. There may be longer than normal lineups! -Steve