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  1. MadDogMcQ

    2009 FJR1300 - 10k Miles - England - UK

    Found this 13yr old beauty LIKE NEW with just 10k miles on the clock. Beautiful!
  2. MadDogMcQ

    Holiday Swap? Static Caravan nr Forest Of Bowland

    We have a beautiful static caravan in the tiny village of Scorton on the edge of the Forest Of Bowland. It can sleep 4 people very comfortably and has central heating, double glazing, digital TV, cooker, microwave, fridge-freezer, all the mod cons to make your stay enjoyable. You're only...
  3. MadDogMcQ

    PCIII Map - After 9 Dyno-Runs

    After the Quill exhausts were fitted, the bike had 9 Dyno-Runs to get the most out of the bike. A few people had asked me for a copy but I forgot to post the map for people to play around with - until now : :) Sorry! Click HERE to download [MadDogMcQ_Map] Suitable for 2006 bikes onwards...
  4. MadDogMcQ

    Do people ask you what your bike is??

    I don't know about you guys, but a lot of people never seem to know what make or model my bike is. In all fairness to non-bikers, the FJR is quite subtle in declaring its manufacturer's name and its capacity, so because my bike doesn't have the two stripes on the side (it's an 06 model), I was...
  5. MadDogMcQ

    G2 Throttle Tube - Fits the AE???

    I was thinking about ordering a G2 Throttle Tube but something is nagging away at me, suggesting that it doesn't fit the clutchless models. Have I read that somewhere or is it just in my head? :dribble:
  6. MadDogMcQ

    Dropped the Feejer today :-(

    I pulled onto a gravel & stone carpark today and as I turned the bike I hit a rut in the ground which caused the bars to be swung to the right and at the same time the bike stopped dead. I was thrown off the seat and the best I could do was to lay the bike down as slowly as my strength would...
  7. MadDogMcQ

    The Torque-Curve

    I was telling a friend recently about the huge 100ft/lb torque of the FJR1300 and he asked what revs were required to reach that 100ft/lb. I told him that it was somewhere around 7000rpm and he said he preferred his torque to be produced at much lower revs. Well hell yes, so do I, but I didn't...
  8. MadDogMcQ

    Just Fitted Ride-Height-Lowering-Kit (07 Bike)

    Well today I fitted the ride-height-lowering-kit onto my 07 FJR1300. Basically, the kit is comprised of 2 smaller dogbones and a washer fitted to the shocker-absorber which acts as a "stop". The first thing to note is that the bolt which goes through the dogbones is completely covered by the...
  9. MadDogMcQ

    Just Ordered Personalised Plate

    COOL HUH? :yahoo:
  10. MadDogMcQ

    Weekend Trip to Scotland & Ireland on FJR

    My Father left Northern Ireland when he was a young fella and moved to Bolton, England. Sadly, he got cancer and died at the young age of 27 and as a result, I never got to meet all his family back in Ireland. So at the ripe old age of 48, I decided to search for his brothers and sisters and go...
  11. MadDogMcQ

    Hard-Wired the Zumo tonight

    I'm going on a quick solo trip to Scotland and Northern Ireland this coming weekend, so I decided it was time to hard-wire the Zumo and mount it in a permanent position. I bought a central mount from MIGSEL and was pleased to find that it fitted perfectly and without a hitch. Then I removed...
  12. MadDogMcQ

    Carrying Pillion on the FJR

    Yesterday was a lovely sunny, dry day - perfect for biking and so I decided to get the FJR out of the garage and spend the day riding. The wife asked if she could come and of course I said yeah, sure!! BIG MISTAKE!! The ride was totally ruined by that added weight and the raised centre of...
  13. MadDogMcQ

    Anyone have the Meta357TV2 Alarm fitted??

    Hi all, Does anyone in the UK have this alarm fitted? The advert appears to suggest that it comes with "Ignition Key Conversion" but mine didn't! I have to carry around the seperate alarm fob. Before I go back to the dealer guns ablaze, I'd like to find out if anyone else had got one. It also...