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  1. 08FJR4ME

    Sidecase Yamaha Logo

    Same here. Mine are still in the drawer waiting to be installed. LOL
  2. 08FJR4ME

    Looking for Suggestions for Bike Cover for FJR

    Are people really staying at home and not riding? Anyway I have a Yamaha FJR cover which no longer gets any use. I used it a few time on trips but as said i doesn't pack well and is heavier. My bike sits in the heated garage so I don't use covers in the garage either. An old sheet works well...
  3. 08FJR4ME

    PAIR Plates Still Available?

    No, haven't been for a while now. Dave
  4. 08FJR4ME

    PAIR Plates Still Available?

    It started with the one that has the OBD2 connection. What ever that year is.  2016 I believe. Now what I don't know is whether someone has left the selenoid in and added the plates without issues. Dave
  5. 08FJR4ME

    Belstaff Boots

    Still wearing my cruiserworks boots. I have worn out a spot in the shift side boot. Very comfortable but the protection may not be the best. You have to make your choices. Very simular to Belstaff also. They can be resoled also: ...
  6. 08FJR4ME

    Gloves: Damn you Old Michael & what ever rock you're hiding under.

    He pops in on rare occasions. Plenty of folks here will help you spend your money. Nice gloves, Dave
  7. 08FJR4ME

    F*** Garmin

    And this is the reason why this forum is so great. Thanks, Chuck
  8. 08FJR4ME

    MotoBike Jack - pick your pig up off the ground!

    The day I can't lift my motorbike will leave me with 2 choices. A ) get a lighter bike. B ) stop riding I am hoping for choice A. Dave
  9. 08FJR4ME

    What's The Best Way To "UN" Compress A Tire

    Tony Let them sit in that Florida sun for a couple of hours before mounting. They should become very pliable. I have had that experience at least once when the tire was distorted. It was a bitch to get it to seal. I must have bounced it on the ground 50 times. Good luck Dave
  10. 08FJR4ME

    Outdoor cover needed for this summer, recommendations?

    Unless you live in the land of the white stuff. Not so sure how it would work around here. I have lost 2 reinforced tent covers twice during the winter. Dave
  11. 08FJR4ME

    Outdoor cover needed for this summer, recommendations?

    I have a Yamaha FJR cover when I bought my 2008 bike. Its' only been use a few times when on trips. If your interested in purchasing a slightly used cover I would be willing to part with it. PM me, Dave
  12. 08FJR4ME

    Permanent oil drain valve

    My cub cadet has a valve built in on the engine to drain the oil. Just sayin, Dave
  13. 08FJR4ME

    Sliders & Cages for 1300 ES

    The T-Rex do the job also. Don't ask me how I know. Dave
  14. 08FJR4ME

    MC Enterprises Closing

    T. rex guards Dave
  15. 08FJR4ME

    KLIM Hardanger 1 piece suite announced

    I may be wrong but it looks like the lilghter version of the stitch. Ventilation seems to better though. Dave
  16. 08FJR4ME

    Hydrophobic mirror film

    Who needs mirrors? Usually I am passing everyone. Just sayin, Dave
  17. 08FJR4ME

    Let's see what jacket you're using.

    I am on my second set of Tourmaster jacket and pants. I also have a full Aerostitch suit that I wear for long trips out of state. It let me down last trip when the zipper kept coming undone for some reason. Did I mention it was raining when that happened. I was not happy. There are not a lot of...
  18. 08FJR4ME

    Jake Wilson

    Welcome to my world now Mike. Anything from Amazon I get taxed on. GRRRRRRRRR Dave
  19. 08FJR4ME

    Avon Spirit ST Tires

    Back to some good news to report. Lately I have had to ride the bike in the rain. I will say these tires perform much better in the rain. My PR2's would slip on the tar snakes. I hardly notice any slip with these Avons. That is a plus, Dave
  20. 08FJR4ME

    Handle bar covers

    Dam those are nice. I could use a set also. What's with all the hardware? I have hand guards already but they don't have the coverage like these things. Would I have to remove the ones I have and install these? Dave