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  1. 08FJR4ME

    Clutch soak aftermath

    Auuuuuuuuuh, what type of oil did you put in. that would be the first place to look. Check the cirlce to see if it is energy conserving. Good luck, Dave
  2. 08FJR4ME

    Drilling Fairing

    Needs some black paint on that. JMO, Dave
  3. 08FJR4ME

    2008 Pair Removal

    You can also remove the valve after you unplug it. Not needed anymore. Dave
  4. 08FJR4ME

    Weird symptoms. Need your expertise please...

    After the engine warms up your bike should idle around 1K rpm. There is an adjustment screw on the right hand side kind of hidden away next to the lower part of the tank. I didn't read every freakin thread so maybe I missed you correcting this issue first off. Good luck, Dave
  5. 08FJR4ME

    Restoring Stock Dog Bones

    You can always compare part numbers between years of bikes on any OEM website for FJR parts. Dave
  6. 08FJR4ME

    Restoring Stock Dog Bones

    Easy job to swap out. Dave
  7. 08FJR4ME

    Gen II Clutch Adjustment Possible on Non AE Model?

    Adjusting the clutch lever worked for me. Anyway you should change out your fluid each year. It's cheap money. Dave 
  8. 08FJR4ME

    2013 fork oil change

    Not yet, I currently have 15K on the ODO. I most likely wont' replace it until I hit at least 25K miles. I did a total fork rebuild on the Gen2 at 68K. Springs and bushings also. It was a PIA and messy.
  9. 08FJR4ME

    2013 fork oil change

    I went heavier on my Gen2 oil. Did a mixture of two types of oil. I am happy to report I did not crash and burn. Also It wasn't done until I hit 68K on the bike. Amazingly enough the old oil came out fairly clean. I atribute that to the superior Gen2 FJR. Good day, Dave
  10. 08FJR4ME

    2013 fork oil change

    How many miles on the bike?
  11. 08FJR4ME

    Just a couple things I’d sure like to know

    Purchase the below and your problems will be solved. I had a stumbling issue on the 08 and after adding the PC3 it went away. Good luck Dave...
  12. 08FJR4ME

    Metallic Noise - Timing Chain or Transmission?

    If it wasn't there prior to your repair i suggest looking at it again. Dave
  13. 08FJR4ME

    Just a couple things I’d sure like to know

    So what's the issue? Is the bike a nanosecond slower now in a quarter mile? Are you trying minimize the amount of electron loss so you can add one more set of auxiliary lights? Let's get right to the point. Thanks, Dave
  14. 08FJR4ME

    Front Wheel Bearings

    Just throwing out a guess here but what if there is an issue with the shock on that side. Tony got 200K out of his front bearings on his 08. My 08 is still parked in the garage with 98k on the original front bearings. Dave
  15. 08FJR4ME

    KrZy8 Engine Autopsy results - first FJR cylinder failure?

    I told you not to use jet fuel in it. Now you done it.
  16. 08FJR4ME

    Heat shield missing

    Well it's been 2 years now and the bike hasn't blown up yet. I would still ask the dealer to replace in hopes that he would. If not, find another dealer. Easy enough to do yourself if need be. Dave
  17. 08FJR4ME

    '13 high Frequency Vibration

    shitty tires, +1 I ran PR2's for years and recently switched to another brand. No I get a head shake if I let go of the handlebars. Never had that before. The only change was the tires. Tires play a big role IMO. Dave
  18. 08FJR4ME

    no tacho or speedo sweep and nothing on digital display

    Start with lifting the tank and checking things out. The fairings woulld be the last thing I would attempt to take off. you can get to most everything by liftting the tank. Good luck, Dave
  19. 08FJR4ME

    no tacho or speedo sweep and nothing on digital display

    How long have you had the bike? Are you the original owner? Is the bike kept outside or inside? How many miles on the bike? Have you worked on the bike recently? After answering some questions maybe we can start to determine the issue. Welcome to the forum, Dave