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  1. SacramentoMike

    Laminar Lip gone, V-Stream Next?

    I'm with Bluesman (it's been a while, Simon) about changing out the shields, Had the big V-Stream a while ago and liked it very much for cold and rain, but not at all in the heat. It was summer when a few of us met up with a rider from Australia who was passing through with his wife and...
  2. SacramentoMike

    Wynpro Bigfoot (Gen 3) or similar wanted

    The way things have been lately, I'd say you were lucky Twisted Throttle has stayed in business for ten years.  So how is the R&G?  Comparable to Dave's?
  3. SacramentoMike

    Wynpro Bigfoot (Gen 3) or similar wanted

    Don't forget, lots of us had to slightly modify the OEM kickstand foot with an angle grinder to flatten it out or take something off the edge to fit Dave's Bigfoot.  Mine has worked like a charm for years ever since.  (Also added JB Weld to the inside of the Bigfoot and Loctite-ed the screws to...
  4. SacramentoMike

    California GenIII Charcoal Canister

    I have a charcoal cannister?
  5. SacramentoMike

    Manual Cruise-Control Needed 06 FJR

    I tried a few of them on my Gen I's.  The Throttlmeister works well, but they're much more complicated and expensive than the others.  I don't really remember the brand names I tried, but they fall into categories.  One kind just holds on the right grip and swings into position when you want to...
  6. SacramentoMike

    choice of wind screen for cooler weather

    Every make and model has its supporters, you'd have a hard time finding a majority to agree on any single one, but with that said, I'd jump on Zilla's deal--the CB will be a definite upgrade from stock, at least for wind protection, and it's a bargain at that price.  And since you both live in...
  7. SacramentoMike

    Helmet life

    When you shampoo, you guys all "lather, rinse, repeat."  Right? 
  8. SacramentoMike

    New Bike, time for a new TankBag

    Just to poke the bear, I'll toss out the thought that the very easiest bag to get out of the way for a fill up or to move away from the horn button is the magnetic kind.  The one I have now is from Roadgear, but there are many makers and styles.  What I think is important are getting the size...
  9. SacramentoMike

    Looking for Suggestions for Bike Cover for FJR

    I posted about this not too long ago, but before you joined I guess.  I LOVE my Speedway Motorcycle Shelter.  I've had it for maybe 8 years, had to replace the fabric cover due to it's just breaking down in the sun, but they sell the new covers for maybe half of the original price and it just...
  10. SacramentoMike

    2018 FJR key blank

    Discussed so many times.  Go to a locksmith.  They have blanks and can make a fistful of duplicates for what a dealer would charge you for one.\ (Obvious addendum: ride the bike to the locksmith.  Take the new key outside and make sure it works FIRST.)
  11. SacramentoMike

    Safety Mirror

    I posted about this or a very similar product here a couple years ago.  I thought then and still do that it would be a very useful thing.  Got the kind of replies you already got here.  I'd love to try one, just not $59 worth. Ever get behind a shiny tanker truck and just kind of watch yourself...
  12. SacramentoMike

    Gloves: Damn you Old Michael & what ever rock you're hiding under.

    You might be the tightest wad on the forum, David.  Those old gloves were about as protective as a pair of wool mittens for the last 10,000 miles you wore them.  But I agree with you on one thing, at least.  Damn that Old Michael.  😝
  13. SacramentoMike

    Olympic Mens Touring Jacket Sizing

    If you mean Olympia--guessing you do--the sizing is whatever you find right in other brands, in my experience. They don't seem to run large or small. I have an older Airglide set, pants and jacket. My favorite gear for most weather. The jacket liner is comfortable and looks good alone off...
  14. SacramentoMike

    Air conditioned helmet?

    Same question I have for every new gadget-y helmet I see (rear-view, built-in lights, even one where the outer surface, or "skin" on the outside of the helmet could slide over the shell of the helmet, theoretically reducing impact shock (??) ) The question is: is the helmet worth a poop? Is it...
  15. SacramentoMike

    Outdoor cover needed for this summer, recommendations?

    I have a great cover and I'd recommend it to anybody. It's a Speedway Shelter, a portable and retractable tent that I've had in my driveway for at least seven or eight years. They had a booth at the big traveling bike show that they used to have in the S.F. Bay Area, and still do have around...
  16. SacramentoMike

    Tools, tools and more tools

    My tool-buying advice is buy a specific tool when you need it, and get a good one. Doesn't necessarily apply to things that come in sets, like bits and sockets, but still get good ones.
  17. SacramentoMike

    New smart helmet

    Get the helmet AND the wig. Extra padding. Looking forward to Dark Spirit's review. If it's good, bet they sell a few to FJR riders. Am I expecting it to be good? Well, no.
  18. SacramentoMike

    Hydrophobic mirror film

    Here's that report I promised the other day--at least it will appear in the same year. I was impressed at first. Two decent sized rectangles of material and two ovals for mirrors, well protected in a good quality shipping box. It had to wait, we had a holiday in this part of the country last...
  19. SacramentoMike

    Hydrophobic mirror film

    I just ordered a set. I'll try it on the mirrors (have to trim around the spot mirrors I have mounted), another sheet on the side window of my car, and maybe try one on the outside of my visor. If I have enough, I'll put one on the inside of my summer visor (the one without the Pinlock mounted...
  20. SacramentoMike

    International seller of used cop shocks?

    Mine too. I rode up to Coeur D'Alene with Glenn to talk about using his Clearwater Lights on some of their builds. I see on the website that his lights are one of their options now. And we should see more FJRs in black and white (Besides Ahchiu's). BTW, I'm with Hud. Cop cars, cop...