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  1. fjrinbc

    Can I import a motorcycle from Canada?

    Hello fjrb0, There was a fellow from San Diego, Brian Galloway, who rode his FJR to Prudhoe Bay - and back home - in the summer of 2006. Check his blog here. He was on a Microsoft blurb-thingy being interviewed. For importing a motorcycle you might search on I read of a guy who...
  2. fjrinbc

    Oh, Those Wacky Russians...

    The following link is NWS because of clothing-challenged advertising, but the m/c pics are worth it. Click here, comrade.
  3. fjrinbc

    Timpkin bearings

    Hi jacko this may be more what you are looking for - this is from forum: tapered roller bearing upgrade cut and paste >>>>>>>> Here is the actual post:
  4. fjrinbc

    Relay arm, anyone ever remove it?

    I was very reluctant to bend my exhaust out of the way - it just seemed too brutal. I loosened the offending bolts/nuts a few turns and then pulled out my reciprocating saw (looks like a big drill with a saw blade stickin' out the end) and sawed off the bolt heads. I replaced them with some SS...
  5. fjrinbc

    FJR will not run.

    Judd, I am happy for you that your FJR is back in running condition. BUT........... If your 'ace' mechanic in fact
  6. fjrinbc

    Can't Find Torque Specifications

    In Chapter 3 under Periodic Checks And Maintenance / Air Filter Case, page 3-8: 8 Nm or 5.8 ft-lbs. The sub-frame torques you show are the same as I found.
  7. fjrinbc

    Santa Barbara

    I believe TwoWheelNut lives in Santa Barbara area. He is at WFO-6 in Utah right now. There are lots of others in SoCal - they may pop their heads up and announce their presence - or maybe not! :assassin:
  8. fjrinbc

    03 Head & Valve Pics @ 37k miles

    OK, I'll bite...... Why did you take/have it taken apart? Tick repair.....or just curious? What does "plug in combustion chamber" mean? Exhaust ports for cylinders no. 2 (1 of them) and cyl 4 do look extra carbon-ish. Me thinks your "exhaust valves on left, intakes on right" is backwards.
  9. fjrinbc

    Tire Life?

    On the original Metzler's that came with my 05 I was able to get 26,563......... km, that is. Thats 16,505 miles. SkooterG would be so proud of me! I know you're thinking I must be a real pansy rider, but I would call myself an average-to-moderately aggressive rider - definitely not a 'ride it...
  10. fjrinbc

    Don't Anybody Tell......

    Pssssssssssst! It looks to me like the sidestand is gonna collapse and make bike fall-down-go-boom. :unsure: ...or maybe it will just flop to a 45 degree angle when it hits the floorboards ;) and no damage.
  11. fjrinbc

    You think you're addicted?

    OK, I take back what I was thinking about you (dbvolfan hitting a dog with his car and you thinking he was a woman). :dribble: You really ARE Scab's wife! :yahoo:
  12. fjrinbc

    Poor Dog, Poor Car

    Mrs Scab, you just aren't as sharp as your hubby! :glare: So why, oh why, do you think dbvolfan is a woman? :rolleyes:
  13. fjrinbc

    PCIII Installed...Feels like a New Bike

    (light-hearted jab coming youur way) Jeez, man! Did ya even try the SEARCH tool? :glare: (I'm trying to earn some Iggy points) "+maps +pc3" netted the following result. All seriousness aside, maybe it's so smooth everywhere else that it's(vibey stuff) just more noticable now.
  14. fjrinbc

    What Else Can I Do To My FJR?

    Sorry to hear of your mishap, TWN. Heal well and fast. ...and thanks for swallowing your pride by posting the mishap - it is a needed reminder for us. Len
  15. fjrinbc

    Lost my "W" endorsement come it took you 11 months (maybe more?) to tell your story? :blink:
  16. fjrinbc

    Well, well, well . . .

    Well. it becomes obvious when you click on the image to show full size. He is giving the Universal Signal for "this honker of a bike leaves me limp, I am not impressed". :thumbsdownsmiley: Plus, he looks like Jim Carey's evil twin from Me, Myself and Irene.
  17. fjrinbc

    2007 Temperature Bars

    Andrew I used a simple little off-on switch I had left over from some other project. It's been a couple of years since I did it, but if I recall correctly I just tapped into the fan relay wiring to provide a 'ground' to the relay. One side is 'hot' with key on. Automatic fan operation is...
  18. fjrinbc

    2007 Temperature Bars

    I put a manual fan switch on my '05. My (possibly twisted) logic was that I figured I would be a lot less uncomfortable being bathed in the heat from a 2-3 bar engine than waiting until the factory-imposed 4 bar heat. Plus I feel it's a little easier on the engine to not run so hot - (I know...
  19. fjrinbc

    Radiator fan relay

    Hey rmc Best guess.... ...being that the shop manual shows it to be the relay in front of (behind?) the speedo and farthest one to the right (closest to battery)... ...and spotting it on the Yamaha online parts catalog... ...under 'electrical 2'... TaDa!..............#31 5DM-81950-00-00...
  20. fjrinbc

    Mad Sunday Jaunt in the country

    Seems like a typical Saturday/Sunday ride to me. What with all them assholes hoggin' the left lane - just like they always do. :dribble: That's why ya gots ta pass 'em on the right! :clapping: