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  1. Bionicpork

    I dropped her again.

    Thanks for sharing! Not everyone would be willing to show the results of an error, but it surely helps the community. Those exact same guards came on mine and I've been considering removing them: I'm not crazy about the looks I'm sure they're pretty heavy and most importantly, the rears limit...
  2. Bionicpork

    What did you do to your FJR today?

    I flipped the T to S for the first time. 🚀
  3. Bionicpork

    Looking to join the club

    Thanks! I've put ~300 miles on it since Thursday and am getting used to the way it behaves. Most of it is just me learning the bike. It definitely takes more effort to move around under 10 mph, and the steering lock is more limited than I'm used to. I also have to learn the feel of the...
  4. Bionicpork

    Looking to join the club

    Delivery today! Already missing my Guzzi when I took the FJR out around the neighborhood. The V85tt turns very gracefully at low speeds. The FJR not so much. I don’t recall having the same problem with low speed turning on the 2016 that I test rode, so I’m sure I just need to tweak the...
  5. Bionicpork

    Looking to join the club

    2019 Matte Phantom Blue with ~5200 miles. Love the matte finish but it does have some scuffs/scratches that won't be easily repairable (that I know of). It seems like most dealers in my area can't (or won't) tell you anything about vehicle history. I've actually included a binder of maintenance...
  6. Bionicpork

    Looking to join the club

    Not good news from my dealer. The dealers that have the very few remaining new FJR's are unwilling to do any dealer transfers. My dealer also spoke with the regional Yamaha rep who is very certain there will be no more FJRs being made. This is pretty typical for me; I fall in love with...
  7. Bionicpork

    Looking to join the club

    Thanks! Yes, the one I rode was a 2016 not a 2013.
  8. Bionicpork

    Looking to join the club

    Hello Everyone, I've already spent the day perusing the forum and have learned a lot. I definitely love the proper forum design far more than any of the modern social media pages or groups. Thanks so much for all of your contributions! I'm hoping to join the FJR club in the near future. I...