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  1. 08FJR4ME

    Back on the FJR!!!

    Welcome back,      I haven't been riding much this year and also in need of some those cobalt chrome inserts. I am not looking forward to 12 weeks out of work. I am not the kind of person that can sit still long. I can't even lift a cup of coffee with my left arm. Dave
  2. 08FJR4ME

    Getting another FJR

    I would be interested to know what the camera setup is. I would try and knock him down a little on the price though. Good luck, Thanks, Dave
  3. 08FJR4ME

    2020 FJR1300

    Kinda reminds me of when toyota made all there emblems and wheels gold on certain models. Seemed awfly gaudy at the time. Just sayin, Dave
  4. 08FJR4ME

    2020 FJR1300

    The tracer is not a shaft drive bike. Not for me. I am out and will keep the 2015 FJR going as long as I can. Dave
  5. 08FJR4ME

    2020 FJR1300

    Maybe I will get out the rattle can and make my 2008 a 2020 bike. That will save me a ton of $$$. Dave
  6. 08FJR4ME

    2020 FJR1300

    I am not sure if the paint is flat black or shiny or both. The pictures are highly deceptive. Dave
  7. 08FJR4ME

    2020 FJR1300

    the Ultimate Edition is finished in black and gold, and equipped with a range of exclusive features including a high screen, wind deflectors and hard side cases with a black chrome strip. Dam! I don't know what I would do without the black chrome strip. Some bitch gotta get me one. NOT
  8. 08FJR4ME

    Van too low to carry FJR

    Take a sawsall to the top of the windscreen.  Your welcome, Dave  edit: I have to agree with Scooter.
  9. 08FJR4ME

    "Wheel Bearings" - FYI - Another Rhetorical rant....

    I have never been able to move my front bearings. The wheel has not fallen off yet. If it aint broke I am not fixing it. No funny noises either. Dave
  10. 08FJR4ME

    The one that got away......

    Just up the road from me. I can't believe it. Option 1: Option 2: Dave
  11. 08FJR4ME

    Flying To St. Louis Tomorrow

    You didn't want to wait and see what yamaha has for new FJR. We should know soon I think. I believe it is about this time of year they anounce the new model. I assume you got a great deal on it. Enjoy the ride, Dave
  12. 08FJR4ME

    :..Where did you buy your FJR - Dealer with best pricing..:

    I bought my 2015 from Latrobe PA and was very pleased with them. They received 50 bikes from the mothership. I wasn't planning on purchasing at the time but the deal was to good to turn down.  +1 for them also, Dave
  13. 08FJR4ME

    :..Where did you buy your FJR - Dealer with best pricing..:

    +1000 Same here, did a fly and ride. Dave
  14. 08FJR4ME

    FJR Mileage Milestones

    Original list hasn't been updated since 2012' but just in case my 08 has 98K on the odo. Dave
  15. 08FJR4ME

    6 speed tranny problems?

    One of the reasons I pulled the trigger on the 2015 bike. Last of the 5 speed transmissions. Not sorry at all. If I wanted a 6 speeds I would buy a sport bike to fill the void. Good luck, I am happy. Dave
  16. 08FJR4ME

    Tough decision but selling bike. Pricing help

    2K to start GLWS Dave
  17. 08FJR4ME

    FJR Naked Street project

  18. 08FJR4ME

    Why I Love My Fjr

  19. 08FJR4ME

    Leaving the flock...

    New, Looks like it was made 30 years ago. Retro look. Good luck, Dave
  20. 08FJR4ME

    2019 A tomorrow

    Ok same color as the 2015' me likes. Congrat's. Dave