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  1. SacramentoMike

    Aerostich Pop-up in California

    Hmm. Not so far from here. . .
  2. SacramentoMike

    Yosemite FJR Owners (YFO) Gathering - Sept. 2-5, 2021

    Not to answer your question, but I just clicked Tyler's link to see how availability was looking.  Every day of the meet is still shown as "available" for day use entry.  That's as of now.  If you're going, I wouldn't wait till the last minute.  If you have a pass (senior or annual) there's no...
  3. SacramentoMike

    Tuesday Ride 3/30

    I'd really like to but have an appointment Tues.  😠  Have a good time on your rare day off.
  4. SacramentoMike

    Busy place i see.........

    So, jail?  Good behavior?  Nah.  Welcome back. And I've ridden to Costco hundreds of times.
  5. SacramentoMike

    Sunday ride, not to Costco

    Fine, OM.  It's Sunday now, so I'll be square. Actually, I see it's Monday.  duh
  6. SacramentoMike

    Sunday lunch?

     Come down here and I'll fix you a sandwich.  We can eat it in the shade.  103 predicted for Sunday, Redding probably hotter. You must not get many kitchen passes, Greg.  (Best to Michelle.)
  7. SacramentoMike

    Sunday Jan 12th foothill ride

    Still Flaming, at least.
  8. SacramentoMike

    YFO 2019 - Sept. 12-14

    Latecomer IN! See you there! (Just Pay Pal'd Tyler for 2 breakfast buffets and a steak dinner too.)
  9. SacramentoMike

    YFO 2019 - Sept. 12-14

    PM sent.
  10. SacramentoMike

    The Goodmans Ride California this July!

    There are lots of great roads in NoCal and plenty of leeway in picking "favorites," so it's all just opinions. So much depends on what time of day you happen to come to a place where you have to decide "which way now?" You don't want to ride in the peak heat of the day in inland California...
  11. SacramentoMike

    The Goodmans Ride California this July!

    Free advice, and worth every penny: Be flexible. You shouldn't be afraid to get up in the morning and decide it's going to be too hot that day and head uphill instead, like getting away from 395 (the road that skirts the Sierras on the east side) and crossing over one of the many great roads...
  12. SacramentoMike

    Help! What the Hell Happened to that Western Gathering?

    What did I miss? I've been watching (off and on) the thread about a meet somewhere out west this year--last version involved the central coast and James Burleigh in just a month from now. So now the thread is closed and I don't see an explanation or another thread. What's happening, and why...
  13. SacramentoMike

    Time to Ride in California - Need Input

    In 3 days, you might not be able to see the WHOLE west, so I'd think of which region you want to see the most. I see three choices from Las Vegas: west toward Death Valley and around Southern California, then go north around the west side of the Sierra Nevada mountains, up toward (and into)...
  14. SacramentoMike

    western gathering

    That area up by Quincy is a great idea. So are some of the others, for that matter. I'll be watching closely. If we can get Burleigh to organize it, all the better! :D But what's this crap about needing a motorcycle?
  15. SacramentoMike

    Who Has the Lowdown on Roseville Yammy?

    Thank God I made it though.
  16. SacramentoMike

    Who Has the Lowdown on Roseville Yammy?

    Is that a professional exterminator's term?
  17. SacramentoMike

    Who Has the Lowdown on Roseville Yammy?

    I did, and drove to Eureka this weekend so I had a chance to use it for quite a while in different conditions. LOVED it! In CC mode, the system sees a car in front of you as you come up on it and slows you down as needed to maintain your distance, then accelerates back up to your cruising speed...
  18. SacramentoMike

    Who Has the Lowdown on Roseville Yammy?

    Dude! I just bought a new Forester yesterday. Do we wave to each other now?
  19. SacramentoMike

    Looking for best route from Cape Mendocino to Reno, NV

    Weaverville--right in the middle, is home to a CHP substation. Think the town speed limit is posted at 25. BE GOING 25 when you get there. Maybe even 24, just in case. DAMHIK.