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  1. SacramentoMike

    FJR1300 To Be Retired

    No. He's actually dead.
  2. SacramentoMike

    Finally, a bike uglier than Brodie's old AE!

    And the donor rides along on the back seat? For a personal donation? .
  3. SacramentoMike

    Getting back into bikes

    45K is not bad at all, and neither is $4K, especially if you can work it down a little. Most comparisons seem to find the FJR a bit more sporty, the ST a little more of a tourer, but I'm guessing it's pretty close. If you can get a screaming deal on an ST with the same setup, then you'd want...
  4. SacramentoMike

    HELP! - Retired, will the FJR1300 fit in the garage?

    Christie Brinkley might not be young, but she's young enough! To the OP--park the car outside.
  5. SacramentoMike

    The end of PDP

  6. SacramentoMike

    HELP! - Retired, will the FJR1300 fit in the garage?

    A good solution.  (You want the "touring" size.  I love mine.)
  7. SacramentoMike

    2022 FJR?

    Some of us LIKE ass.
  8. SacramentoMike

    Name that FJR

    I named my dogs.  And my kids, for that matter.  No imagination.
  9. SacramentoMike

    gained 1/2", lost Rider Seat Height Adjuster

    So your seat is a bit lower, easier to touch down.  Any other reasons to do this?  Like more storage room, easier to unlock or click seat back into place, like that?
  10. SacramentoMike

    2004 FJR Engine heat

    Trouble with living in upstate NY, those long winters (I grew up in Syracuse-and by the way, how 'bout those Orangemen?  At least so far.) Anyway, I had the same problem with that ridge in the fairing rubbing uncomfortably against my lower leg when I used the highway pegs, so I got a set of...
  11. SacramentoMike

    New to me a 2018 with 6500 miles

    Sounds like a nice find.  Mind sharing the price?
  12. SacramentoMike

    2004 FJR Engine heat

    You almost live in freaking CANADA.  So when the AZ and TX guys tell you it's not so bad, believe it.  Ditto this CA guy, and I had two '05's (also a Gen I).  A heat blanket under the tank helps, and you can get wind deflectors (Baker Air Wings is one) that can direct air onto or away from your...
  13. SacramentoMike

    Display Question

    Or how to convert F to C.
  14. SacramentoMike

    Tire Repair (internal patch) in Sacramento/Auburn area?

    Sounds like at the worst you could find a slow leak--doesn't sound like the structural integrity of the tire is compromised (I used big words to sound like I know what I'm talking about).  But I've used SS on a pretty new tire and rode it till it was bald, and on an old tire that was already...
  15. SacramentoMike

    the fjr does more than i thought

    I'd hate to tell you what I thought he was going to do to that pig at first. Sure it could. Make that ride the day after a solar eclipse crosses 97 a few miles north of Bend.
  16. SacramentoMike

    Two Week Bucket Trip Out West - Preventive Maintenance Suggestions Requested!

    I'm not familiar with that book, but Butler Maps for Utah and Colorado would be an excellent idea. Don't forget to be prepared for cold. And heat. And everything else. Riding in hot dry weather that you might not see at home, think about a cooling vest, too.
  17. SacramentoMike

    I am back and very happy

    As Old Michael (remember him?) said to me after I folded up my first '05 and was trying to make it with just my KLR, "Once you've had an FJR, you can't not have an FJR." He was right. Listening, Roger?
  18. SacramentoMike

    newbie asking about weight allowed in top box

    *Sigh* How this forum has changed. I miss it. But welcome to the forum, Robfilms! ;)
  19. SacramentoMike

    I'm new here and have a couple of questions on my '13 FJR

    Don't carry a Milky Way in your glove box. DAMHIK.