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    Parts For Sale FJR Trunk (Top) Cases

    Doesn't look like the black one has the back rest. This one does if it's still available.
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    Parts For Sale 2013 Windshield Cover Trim - LEFT side

    NEW cover trim that goes over the windshield fasteners. This is for the LEFT side. 2013 Color - Stone Grey (Schematic says Yellowish Gray Metallic 5) Part number 1MC-2842A-00 Please note that on the schematic it is listed as Cover 5 but Item #4. A bit confusing, no? Lists for about $70 - (why...
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    Sidecase Yamaha Logo

    On my 2013 it was just done last Fall (2021). But I think I used the same thing on my 2009 several years ago on both the side bag and the top box. All still good.
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    Sidecase Yamaha Logo

    I used E6000 Automotive & Industrial Adhesive. Supposed to be permanent and waterproof. So far so good. I believe some have also used Super Glue with good success.
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    2009 FJR1300 For Sale Zip Code 22801/22840

    Wrong time of year, I know Revised (9-29-21)  How about $4,500 WITHOUT the OEM Trunk?
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    2009 FJR1300 For Sale Zip Code 22801/22840

    Bump Still available.   Someone talk to me.
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    2009 FJR1300 For Sale Zip Code 22801/22840

    It's been very quiet --- So how about $5000 ??  Or talk to me.
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    2009 FJR1300 For Sale Zip Code 22801/22840

    2009 FJR1300 – 97,135 miles (may increase some) – New battery March 2021 – New tires (RS III) Aug. 2021 – Fresh oil change with filter and final drive oil - Bought another bike. Located near Harrisonburg, VA 22801  Asking $5,000 obo  (revised 8-28-21) (9-29-21)  How about $4,500 WITHOUT the...
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    Need Pennsylvania trip advise

    You are welcome.  Don't know the timing of your trip... but I just chedked the museum website and they are closed through March 31, 2021. -Glen
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    Need Pennsylvania trip advise

    Any aviation interest - Lock Haven.  Piper Aviation Museum Hyner View State Park - might be worth a ride up if it's a clear day
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    Daytona 200

    I had fun at the Daytona races. The 200 was really interesting with it being red flagged with 4 laps to go and 6 riders on the lead lap. Just discovered that the complete race can be seen on
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    Daytona 200

    And the TT is at night. Plenty of time to do daytime stuff and still see the races
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    Daytona 200

    My plan is to ride to the track and watch the TT on Thursday night and the 200 on Saturday in person. Should be a fun few days. -Glen
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    Wanted - Left Saddlebag

    A friend is looking for a LEFT saddlebag for his 2006 AE (Cerulean Silver). I believe the 2004 standard and 2007 AE were also this color. I expect he would consider other colors as well. I thought I'd post in case someone has one available. If so, I'll pass on the info to him. Located in...
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    WTB Powerlet Low Profile Plug to Female Coax

    I just typed powerlet in the search field on the warm and safe home page. Would the first item listed work?
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    Mirror wanted.

    I think I have one (off of my 2009). But, I'm currently traveling and won't be home until Sept. 21. If I remember correctly, it has some touched up scratches. I'll be glad to send pics if you can wait that long. -Glen
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    Wanted .. 1" RAM ball

    You can get it on flea bay -- free shipping.
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    Very Boring Rally

    Anyone know the exact dates? Website just says August 2018. I attended VBR3 in 2013 - fun time. -Glen
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    SFO 2017 Home Safe

    Arrived home safely in Harrisonburg, VA about 4:30. That includes Reborn Rider (Steve) and BMWDave (he still needs to go to PA tomorrow). Huge thanks to Turk and Jena for putting together a great event!! Great seeing everyone. -Glen
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    SFO 2017 - Official Thread

    Packing this evening - leaving early tomorrow (supposed to be 34 deg. here at 8 am) with BMWDave and Reborn Rider. Looking forward to this - see ya all Thursday ! -Glen