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  1. SacramentoMike

    Spain, 2022

    Lot of effort to post all this and pictures too, but very nice report. Looks like a blast for everybody. If it's your last ride of this kind, that's going out on a high note! Thanks.
  2. SacramentoMike

    My worst ride to date

    Well that's the shits! Probably should have come to CFR instead! Hope you heal up and get yourself a nice new FJR.
  3. SacramentoMike

    Ferrari Gurlz - Carmel

    Your vids just keep getting better and better, Don.  Fun watch.
  4. SacramentoMike

    Fiery Smoky Hot Why am I Riding RR?

    Thought I saw a hint of a shadow in a couple of those shots so your air must be clearer than what I'm seeing.  The sun was a dim orange today that you could stare straight at as though you were wearing a pair of eclipse glasses.  I-80 between Fairfield and Vallejo was closed today, both...
  5. SacramentoMike

    A WET late May ride? Really?

    Your best vid yet, Don.  In fact, the best six minutes of my day.  Probly would have been even if I didn't spend the afternoon re-doing the pipes under my sink! But isn't it still May?  Loved the music (last one especially).
  6. SacramentoMike

    Last ride for awhile..

    Beautiful scenery, great roads, and year-round riding.  And Lane Splitting! Sometimes, I really love living in California! Nice vid, Don.
  7. SacramentoMike

    Going to California

    108 has been in my "Top Two" for years (the other member of that club is CA 1 from Jenner to Leggett).  Russ Perry and I took 108 coming home after YFO just a couple weeks ago, also on a Sunday.  OUR side of the road was smooth and perfect, just like your pics.  But the westbound side was the...
  8. SacramentoMike

    Distinguished Gentelmen's Ride, San Luis Obispo CA

    Your best video ever, Don!
  9. SacramentoMike

    2019-09-12 YFO, Bridgeport, Virginia Creek Settlement

    Very good job, Don.  Thanks.  We sure have some nice scenery and great roads out this way, don't we?  Too bad if you didn't make it, but the roads and scenery are still here.  Come visit sometime.
  10. SacramentoMike

    The Goodmans' California quest for great roads and scenery

    Ditto. The pic of your route doesn't open up like a link to your ride on Spotwalla would--hope you have that in store. Looks like you saw a lot of the best stuff. I almost agree with your brother about the 95%, since most people only see what you can see out of a car window from the freeway...
  11. SacramentoMike

    Alps Trip - photo report

    Looks to me like it must have been DAMN foggy.
  12. SacramentoMike

    Alps Trip - photo report

    Some gorgeous scenery. Just two of you, self-guided? How long?
  13. SacramentoMike

    Owl strike

    Heck of a video Gary. Snap your head back a little?
  14. SacramentoMike

    Road to Alaska

  15. SacramentoMike

    A third FJR celebrity makes an appearance in Abercrombie today.

    Is there another kind of tour of Abercrombie?
  16. SacramentoMike

    Happy New Year from California, a Few Days Early!

    Always good to ride behind a large wrecker vehicle. ;) Happy New Year back, and to everybody else too!
  17. SacramentoMike

    Feather and Yuba River Canyons

    Good report Doug. I don't have the nerve to ride up that way yet, or up by Napa, or Mariposa. Pickings are getting slimmer all the time, dammit. The damn fire in Yellowstone was 30 years ago and that still looks like hell in lots of parts. Guess it's the new reality for us. At least the...
  18. SacramentoMike

    Lucille’s (née Miss Lucy Liu) last ride

    Fixed it for you Mark. And @ bgross: what are you replacing her with? Another FJR?
  19. SacramentoMike

    If it saves one life

    I did my ice slide on Wentworth Springs Rd. earlier this spring--posted a little about it but not much detail. I'll just say the end of the clear road was just beyond a crest I couldn't see beyond till I came over it. The "crash" was as you described it--a little like falling while skiing...
  20. SacramentoMike

    Pretty upset ...

    You didn't mention it, except to say you "rashed the mirror," so I'm guessing and hoping that means that's all you did in that area. Is the mirror still stable and fixed? If yes, you're really pretty lucky and you should be glad that's all you did and stop stressing. It's depressingly common...