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  1. chivvalry

    Pilot Road 6 GT

    Just put them on and did 1200 miles so far... they feel really good. Fresh rubber first pic, then scrubbed in rubber after trip.
  2. chivvalry

    SEO 2022 Vulture and Snake Attack

  3. chivvalry


    Known Jason for years though there are many on here that knew him longer and better than I. He was an awesome guy and I will miss him. Live every day like it might be your last. Ride safe friends.
  4. chivvalry

    2022 SEO Ramble...

    Tentatively in... depends on timing for Germany trip.
  5. chivvalry

    EOM 2020 Location Discussion

  6. chivvalry

    Scotch or Bourbon?

    Been on a bourbon kick for the last year or so but before that it was Scotch and I still enjoy Scotch.  Specifically Glenfiddich, MacAllan, the Speysides mostly.  Balvenie Double Wood is great.  Bourbons I like are Elijah Craig, Woodford Double Oak, Stagg Jr., Blantons, Eagle Rare, Buffalo...
  7. chivvalry

    Engine Didn't Grenade/Something Happened/And Final Report

    It showed up at EOM with a happy rider on it.
  8. chivvalry

    EOM 2018 - Thank you and Feedback thread...

    Another great event and my sincere appreciation to Wayne and his minions that make these happen for all of us! The hotel was fine, food was excellent, the weather was amazing even with the threat of rain on Saturday that never happened. I wouldn't be upset one bit to return to Maggie Valley...
  9. chivvalry

    EOM 2018 - Home Safe

    Sure enough. I gambled they were good enough and I was wrong.
  10. chivvalry

    EOM 2018 - Home Safe

    I didn't do it... I hired that out over three years ago. I've done it myself in the past but never got as good a result as this. They ground the garage floor down smooth and epoxied the hell out of it. It stunk for two days. It's been holding up SOLID since then. Wasn't cheap though... $600...
  11. chivvalry

    EOM 2018 - Home Safe

    800 miles later Im home, showered, and laying in bed. My back and butt hurt... 😂. My back tire is toast. Great event and thanks again to all! EOM2018Tire by Ken Athanasiou, on Flickr
  12. chivvalry

    EOM 2018 - Maggie Valley, NC - September 20-23, 2018

    Yah, not supposed to be stressful so will miss you but see you next time.
  13. chivvalry

    EOM 2018 - Maggie Valley, NC - September 20-23, 2018

    Well. I'm coming from even further south and I'm still planning on going.
  14. chivvalry

    Engine Didn't Grenade/Something Happened/And Final Report

    LOL Hey what tire pressures are y'all using?
  15. chivvalry

    Engine Didn't Grenade/Something Happened/And Final Report

    Mercy is for the weak... LOL Seriously... tough crowd for sure but you'll get flamed again if you don't catch up on a thread before making a criticism. Even the, ahem, "old-timers" get flamed for that.
  16. chivvalry

    Which Givi top box best?

    Givi E55 and V47... the E55 is great and big (!) but looks like you're getting chased by a flying saucer... I also get just the slightest wind feel from it. I prefer the V47.
  17. chivvalry

    Engine Didn't Grenade/Something Happened/And Final Report

    The suspense on this is murder...
  18. chivvalry

    Missed It By That Much

  19. chivvalry

    Major Cager !

    Buddy of mine has a Tesla S.... it's a rocket. He turned off the traction control just for grits and shins and the thing lit 'em up instantly. No RPM lag... instant pure power. With TC on it takes off like it's getting catapulted, the acceleration is amazing to feel.
  20. chivvalry

    SOLD! 2012 Super Tenere - LOADED

    Good gravy... that's a steal. Makes me consider buying it even though I'm in Florida and just bought a weestrom... GLWS