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  1. Aasland

    2006 FJR1300A for sale. This ain't no garage queen, and it runs perfectly.

    Finally got the updated title back from the state .. so the sale is back on! And with a lower price ... $4250!
  2. Aasland

    Fixed a bunch of complaints about my FJR.

    I manage without a centerstand. In the garage I use spools and a lift; total cost is less than most centerstands. When touring I use a quickstand that folds down to almost nothing. So yes, slightly more inconvenient, but not a dealmaker by any means. Yes, so I make sure to stop when I get to 500
  3. Aasland

    New (to me) Kawasaki Z1000

    I''ve got a 2011 N1K and there is some vibration at 7k but that's 105 mph in 6th and I don't spend a lot of time there. In my opinion the engine is smoother than the FJR; but sensitivity to vibrations can be a very personal thing.
  4. Aasland

    Needing advice

    Soon I'll be selling my 2006 w/ABS, 27k on the motor (from a 2007). The rest of the bike has 98k on it. I'm asking $4500, I think this is a better deal than the $4900 2003, despite the distance from you. If you're really looking to save some $$$ you should negotiate a much lower price on that...
  5. Aasland

    SW Oregon Shortcut?

    Happy to see that it is paved now. About ten years ago it wasn't; I spent 20 miles on the VFR in deep pea gravel going up and down the grades and curves and it sucked royal @ss.
  6. Aasland

    General Dislikes

    These are the things we complain about: 1. Too heavy. But it's not a real problem for most, and sort of comes with all the other benefits. 2. Some years have lurchy throttles. Fixed with a Power Commander. 3. Older years put off lots of heat onto your legs. 4. Helmet buffetting. Experiment...
  7. Aasland

    Selling Everything - Traveling North America on my FJR

    This is where it starts:
  8. Aasland

    (Lame?) Article in Today's Newspaper About Lane Sharing

    True, in general it isn't limited to Harley riders. But I have only experienced it with three Harley's and it is the sudden presence of open exhaust noise past my window that startles me more than anything else.
  9. Aasland

    Riding with Replacement Parts

    Thanks for the reminder ... need to go for a run today to keep everything working well.
  10. Aasland

    (Lame?) Article in Today's Newspaper About Lane Sharing

    You can say that again. But I will admit to really liking filtering to the front at stoplights. As a car-driver in California, I'm on the lookout for bikes lane sharing, yet it always startles me when I'm going 70mph on I-80 in medium traffic and a loud-ass harley roars inches past my door.
  11. Aasland

    I had to clean the Garage

    Now he's eligible for the GI Bill, right? That will create more life-long value than the 'vette.
  12. Aasland

    Wisconsin Bar north of Madison

    You've got to be more specific. In Wisconsin, it's not a town if it doesn't have at least two bars and one is open. Half the state (not population) is north of Madison ... how far north do you think you were? Half the population is German (half of the remaining half is Scandinavian).
  13. Aasland

    Sargent seat

    There is about 100k on the Sargent seat I put on my VFR and it has not degraded. Granted, that was in 2000 ... in 14 years I suppose they could have changed from using the "atomic superfoam" or whatever. While there's nothing wrong with the foam, I'm definitely squirming on that seat after...
  14. Aasland

    RACE TECH G3 saga

    Not for Georgians they aren't ;-) They're in Alabama, so it's sort of mid-south-easty.
  15. Aasland

    Gonna Test Ride an FJR...

    The 06-07 years had significantly worse throttle lurch than the other years. Plan for a $300+ power commander (3 or 5) if you get an 06-07.
  16. Aasland

    Route to Yellowstone

    Like others have said, just slab it out there. Don't blow good vacation time riding curvy roads close to home when you could be doing that out west. Also, don't limit your self to Yellowstone NP. If you like hiking and the weather cooperates go north to Glacier, then along the Kookanusa...
  17. Aasland

    NAFO4 Web Site is Live!

    That's good to know. I see the FJR rate is one dollar less than the fed gov't rate I'd get otherwise. No need for a shirt either.
  18. Aasland


    The VFR's have always had my attention, especially after putting 87k miles on one. Technically I could "repossess" my old VFR from my brother on grounds of non-payment (runs great with 104k on it) but then he'll go spend thousands (he doesn't have) on another bike. In my opinion, the VFR800...
  19. Aasland

    NAFO4 Web Site is Live!

    I live two hours up the river from La Crosse and I'm tempted to stop down and say HELLO to everyone on Thursday the 18th. I can't come down the 19th or 20th. I am debating spending the night. Would I be a complete shuckster for just showing up at the hotel and say "HOLA" and drink some brews at...