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  1. Vulcan

    My 2005 Yamaha FJR1300

    My 2004 FJR near Banff, Alberta.
  2. Vulcan

    cockpit comfort

    no...I tip my toes outwards a bit.
  3. Vulcan

    fixing my bike

    This is more than normal....I can feel it when I push the bike...there is a spot where they grab a fair bit.
  4. Vulcan

    cockpit comfort

    I am 6'4" and my bike is stock except for some bar risers....No back pain at all but my hip joints get sore after about 2 hours. I find I use the rear pegs for about 20 mins per hour...just to change the riding position...helps a lot.
  5. Vulcan

    fixing my bike

    So I installed my new forks yesterday and reinstalled the front wheel and brakes....When I spin the front wheel the brakes are dragging. I will pull the brakes back off and check to see if the wheel is spinning smoothly then check the front rotors. Not sure if I have a bad front axle or bad...
  6. Vulcan

    Parts needed to get my bike rideable

    I can't even stand to look at it let alone ride it while it is all damaged. Makes me so mad at myself for damaging my bike like that.
  7. Vulcan

    WTB 2004 fairings

    Thanks for the link....I hope it saves me some money.
  8. Vulcan

    Parts needed to get my bike rideable

    I know that it is unlikely that anybody has these parts for sale as they are commonly broken it you hit something but I thought I would post my list before I head to the dealer.... 2005 FJR 1) Metal bracket that the gauges and windshield linkage mounts to (Yes the expensive one) 2) Metal...
  9. Vulcan

    WTB 2004 fairings

    I need some plastic for my bike but I only found after market windshields....
  10. Vulcan

    Who's got the oldest FJR with the least miles?

    05 I purchased in June 05....1500 km ( about 900 miles) That is really lame but I seem to have too much going on in my life to find some time to ride the bike.
  11. Vulcan

    getting it right the first time

    At least you have some of your wires labeled!!! It would be a nightmare for the next owner of your bike to troubleshoot. (or even you)
  12. Vulcan

    How do you precisely measure engine vacuum?

    I had a cheap vacuum gauge that day it broke so I bought a Snap-on.....rock steady. My lesson good quality tools and you will find that it is cheaper in the long run.
  13. Vulcan

    I think I'm maxed out, electrically speaking....

    I also use the Blue Sea fuse so well. My fuse box is mounted under the seat in the tool space (tool kit moved to the tail space). I run one wire from the + side of the battery to a 30 amp relay and then to the fuse box. I take a "key on" power from my old horn wire (I have the mag...
  14. Vulcan

    Installing Fuse Box

    I bought 3 ft of that Napa asphalt loom at the local Napa store and it was around $12. I ran my power wires down the right side of the tank and put them inside the well.
  15. Vulcan

    lower saddle bag mounts

    looking for a set of the lower saddle mounts from a wrecked FJR (05). The parts I need are the brackets that attach to the passenger foot pegs with the rubber cover. I need both the left and the right side.
  16. Vulcan

    2 tabs on 2005 saddlebags

    No sure what happened to my picture....I uploaded it again and now its working.
  17. Vulcan

    Skyway's Radar Detector Mount

    Very cool....PM sent
  18. Vulcan

    2 tabs on 2005 saddlebags

    Those are the tabs I was talking about....I don't have those brackets though. Good luck with me getting them from the dealer at this late date for free. I guess I will have to pony up for them myself.
  19. Vulcan

    2 tabs on 2005 saddlebags

    After 2 years of owning this bike I finally decided to mount the saddle bags...I did the locktite fix on the locks. While I was looking at the bags I noticed that there are two parallel tabs on the lower front of the bags....what are they for? When the bags are mounted on the bike these tabs...
  20. Vulcan

    Need some advice on buying a GPS device.

    I use the Garmin Quest....Basic/simple to use plus its waterproof. I have it mounted on a steering stem stand.