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  1. El Toro Joe

    2022 CFR Nakusp

    Wow...sorry to read this news. Sending prayers for a speedy recovery
  2. El Toro Joe

    Goodmans wrecked in KY

    sorry to hear...praying for a quick recovery for both of you
  3. El Toro Joe


    This was truly tough to take, when we got the news Saturday evening at the SEO Ramble...lots of tears were shed, lots of great memories of past rides and events with Jason...R.I.P. brother
  4. El Toro Joe

    2022 SEO Ramble...

    FYI the cut off date for the group rate is April 19th so if your planning on the hotel. Original post has been updated as well.
  5. El Toro Joe

    New Member N.Y might want to check into this upcoming event
  6. El Toro Joe

    FJR1300 Eastern Owners Meeting - 2022 - Flatwoods, WV - September 15-18th, 2022[%7B%22mechanism%22%3A%22your_upcoming_events_unit%22%2C%22surface%22%3A%22bookmark%22%7D]%2C%22ref_notif_type%22%3Anull%7D
  7. El Toro Joe

    Cleveland, OH, Pro Yamaha Service

    Ed is a great guy...and has been my go to mechanic since I bought my first FJR (2006), back in 2007. He actually bought that bike with 102k miles on it, when I bought my 2016.
  8. El Toro Joe

    2022 SEO Ramble...

    I'm sure there will be a few folks from Canada...
  9. El Toro Joe

    YFO 2023 - Gauging interest

    well...if Bob is in then I guess I am too...maybe
  10. El Toro Joe

    Chrome-plating Source?

    this place...
  11. El Toro Joe

    New Bike Choice

    This talks about the "A and "AS", which neither of are available in the USA.
  12. El Toro Joe

    Smokers (BBQ - not grilling)

    Thanks for the clarification...
  13. El Toro Joe

    2022 SEO Ramble...

    Hope to see you there, Ken
  14. El Toro Joe

    New Guy from NY State

    Welcome from the north coast of Ohio. Check out the Southeast Ohio Ramble thread
  15. El Toro Joe

    2022 SEO Ramble...

    OP has been updated
  16. El Toro Joe

    Parts For Sale SOLD (thank you!) engine & bag guards and Givi top box mounting rack

    The bag guards that I have on my 2016 ES have two attachment points, and the are MC Enterprise as well.
  17. El Toro Joe

    2022 SEO Ramble...

    So, this year's SEO Ramble will be the 3rd weekend in May (5/19-5/22) Different venue this year: Comfort Suites 202 Cherry Tree Lane Marietta, OH 45750 (740)376-1600 20 suites (a mix of 2 Queen beds or 1 King bed) will be held. The hotel will adjust as required. I was able to get them to...
  18. El Toro Joe

    Howdy From College Station Tx

    Welcome from the north coast of Ohio
  19. El Toro Joe

    I'm still around...

    not hiding, John...just spend more time in the other sand box. Maybe you Canadian folks will be able to make it to SEO for the Ramble or EOM next year.
  20. El Toro Joe

    EOM 2022 Location Discussion

    My vote is for Flatwoods...but I'll go wherever it ends up. See ya in 2022