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  1. HotRodZilla


    Getting that phone call is not something any of us looks forward to. When I got called last night, I was dumbfounded. Jason is a great friend and I will miss him a lot. Hell, we talk on the phone more than anything, because we are so far away, but the times we've ridden together have been...
  2. HotRodZilla

    Finally, a bike uglier than Brodie's old AE!

    Oh, well, thanks for crushing my dreams. Now I'm going to have to go get a real job. I have one daughter in college and two more following up. Retiring from this job just means I need another. Lol
  3. HotRodZilla

    Do you all get “challenged” at stop lights?

    I don't know that I've ever been challenged at a light. Even if someone does, I'm not racing them. I've seen the aftermath too many times and don't want to be party to that. I will however, ride fast. It is what it is. Plenty of clowns have come up and tried to do something goofy. None have...
  4. HotRodZilla

    Finally, a bike uglier than Brodie's old AE!

    When I retire, here soon, I want THAT job. Can I stay at your place Mac?
  5. HotRodZilla

    Yamaha FJR Cover For Sale

    Don't make me go over there! Haha And YES, it is still available. 
  6. HotRodZilla

    Yamaha FJR Cover For Sale

    My brother in law sold his 2003 FJR and forgot he had a cover. It is a black Yamaha FJR cover and covered his entire bike from windshield to top box. The part number is: ABA-5JW28-00-BK.  I was at his house today and it is a substantial cover. It looks like it is in really good shape. I don't...
  7. HotRodZilla

    Fjr1300 Bulb Blown

    What Ross said. You would not be the first person to fall victim to either scenario. 
  8. HotRodZilla

    Getting the urge for a change

    It's kind of ugly in the front while also being kind of sexy in the front. It has me a little torn. It looks fun AF to ride. I think you're gonna have a blast! 
  9. HotRodZilla

    Forest Fires

    That even made my wife laugh! Haha!!
  10. HotRodZilla

    Counteract Motorcycle Balancing Beads

    The tractors we had here all used some type of commercial antifreeze, almost like RV stuff. AND, the water in the tires was for weight and traction, not balance. How fast was Bounce plowing fields that he needed balanced tractor tires? 
  11. HotRodZilla

    Counteract Motorcycle Balancing Beads

    The last 3 rear tires I have put on my FJR have not needed any weight. I have the wheels heavy spot marked and install the tires light spot over that. Three in a row have not needed any weight. So, if I threw a handful of beads in there, I'd swear they are working magic. If beads work so well...
  12. HotRodZilla

    My Track Day Summer Tour!

    Dang Russ. That was a big trip! I'm sorry it didn't play out the way you had hoped. Still, you made the most of it. I'm not sure I would have stuck with it that long.  As far as the RV is concerned, ditch it! Don't use it for smaller trips, just trade it in or sell it. Once they start having...
  13. HotRodZilla

    My son is at it again. Newest commercial now playing.

    That's awesome! A good commercial from an epic movie. He did a good job!!
  14. HotRodZilla

    Genuine Yamaha Brake Pads

    I've been running EBC H&H front and rear for a few years now. Rotors still look really good. I could Mic them, but I've seen plenty of worn rotors and these don't look like that. The pads are doing their job just like the OEM ones did. 
  15. HotRodZilla

    The past repeating itself....

    That's awesome!!
  16. HotRodZilla

    Wire Fire

    I want to say the "Ground Spider" Recall was for '06 to '10 or something like that. The GenIII bikes use a different system. Even if the recall was done, a couple people have reported further failure. I'm betting Yamaha will realize this is their issue and correct it. Cannot speak for the...
  17. HotRodZilla

    Trusting a Mechanic After a Mistake

    Oh, shoot. You are right. They fit in the slots front and rear. It's been a while since I had mine off. However, with as many tire changes as I've done, that's further indication that they don't just fall out. Are they held in by clips? I can't frigging remember, but if a clip broke, would that...
  18. HotRodZilla

    Sad pet stuff....

    Oh, man. I'm so sorry. Losing pets is awful. She looks like she had a very good life. She was very lucky and looks like she was very happy! 
  19. HotRodZilla

    Trusting a Mechanic After a Mistake

    Do you see the little holes in the tops of the brake pads that Ignacio showed you? Those holes are for pins that hold the pads in place. The pads are able to slide along those pins. It is nearly impossible for them to fall out. Something else happened and I have no idea what. Unless something...