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  1. bramfrank

    Damn ....... It did it again

    Well, now we have a darn good idea of just how many 2013 FJRs were manufactured.
  2. bramfrank

    Call all Wiring Gurus!

    Posi-taps suck My sub-harness takes it's power from the battery using crimped (and soldered) ring terminals - there is a 30 amp inline fuse located outboard of the battery in series with the power. I have a 50 amp automotive relay that is operated from the brake light to provide switched power...
  3. bramfrank

    Good source for OEM Side Cases and other accessories

    You are lucky to have had as little damage to you and to the bike as you did. While I have a pair of bags in my basement in 2006 colors, they are for the 'A" (works for the '12 too). Ad it is a pair. You can always buy a bag and have it painted (Garauld on the forum is a great resource for...
  4. bramfrank

    Bitten by the spider

  5. bramfrank

    2012 FJR New 9999.00

    If considering purchasing this, make sure you ask whether the vehicle carries the full manufacturer's warranty . . . .
  6. bramfrank

    Head light bulb replacement \ best brand

    There is no such thing as a 'better' halogen bulb - watts are watts and, with the exception of true HIR technology you can't get more lumens for a given watt using halogen technology. 'White' or 'blue' 55/60 watt bulbs are dyed and actually put fewer lumens out the front. Higher powered bulbs...
  7. bramfrank

    Great forum

    Yup - the factory manual is a traditional glue-bound paper book with a white paper cover - I have not often seen real copies on eBay - and they have never been new. If yours is plastic pin-bound or has a photo of any sort it is guaranteed to be a clone.
  8. bramfrank

    FJR Farkle sale: Laam seat, links, adjust kickstand, Rack for Trekker,

    Albee; No one has anything negative to say about your actions - the vendor was the a**wipe - and apparently he is unaware of how to sort mail in chronological order and 'lost control' - to quote from his 'I'm Sorry' message: "I been overwhelmed with emails and phone calls with questions"...
  9. bramfrank

    FJR Farkle sale: Laam seat, links, adjust kickstand, Rack for Trekker,

    So, you still don't understand what you did that was inappropriate? The term is 'good faith'. You failed to properly communicate your expectations and the situation to those who contacted you. If you knowingly pulled this stuff in my group I'd have banned you. And feel free to ask any of the...
  10. bramfrank

    FJR Farkle sale: Laam seat, links, adjust kickstand, Rack for Trekker,

    No - while the comment in the topic was aimed at you he wrote eerily similar stuff in his last 'it's sold' e-mail to me. But he didn't tell me about any other interest in his message with the photos that was sent 8 hours after my request . . . So I hope he spends $100 shipping the damned...
  11. bramfrank

    FJR Farkle sale: Laam seat, links, adjust kickstand, Rack for Trekker,

    I certainly received no caveats in the reply that I received to my 7 AM question about pics (since the question was solicited in the post). I too was away from my computer, though the reply that was sent was issued 8 hours after I initiated the contact (and posted my actions in the topic)...
  12. bramfrank

    FJR Farkle sale: Laam seat, links, adjust kickstand, Rack for Trekker,

    I sent the first e-mail and have yet to receive a reply . . . .
  13. bramfrank

    Anyone have a Brodie or similar grounding harness to sell?

    Brodie harness notwithstanding, bring it to a dealer and get i fixed by Yamaha FIRST.
  14. bramfrank

    Model designation

    The OP could be from Europe (or somewhere else) and the model designation for him if he has an autoshift version could well have been 'AS' . . . . . Strangely, in the online parts catalog Yamaha Canada has my ES defined as an ESE, but needs to be selected an AE . . . . the AE is selected as an...
  15. bramfrank

    2015 FJR Details?

    As posted by me in that 'stopped by the dealer' topic: So, is 'Tech Graphite' the same as the 'Metallic Black SMX' my Canadian ES is? I DO note that they've done the 'all parts are the same colour' scheme that Canada did this year (the grab rail was silver in EU last year IIRC). Edit: Well...
  16. bramfrank

    2nd/3rd Gen Mirror Spacers & LED Light Brackets

    Ever been to Japan? This is not a tall group of overweight people (in general). The professionals that design our bikes probably average 5' 6" and weigh in at about 120 pounds. THEY can see behind themselves, so for them it isn't an issue.
  17. bramfrank

    Speedo healer for sale

    Today I am putting the speedo healer from my Gen-II up for sale. A speedo healer is used to adjust the accuracy of the bike's speedometer - or it can be used to scale the odometer and speedometer from metric to English measure or the other way around. While the speedo on my ES is out by more...