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  1. Uncle Hud

    Georgia FJR Riders Group

    Not so fast, newbies.  You are correct in assuming most GA, SC, and TN riders are not active on this Forum. Look here ( for Georgia rides; see Rambler's thread about our Grand Tour.   If you attend SFO...
  2. Uncle Hud

    Where's That Other Forum?

    They're back.
  3. Uncle Hud

    Saying Goodbye

    Sorry to read this, my friend.  Hope you find a new outlet for your wanderlust!
  4. Uncle Hud

    Tale of the Dragon?

    PM Bill Lumberg.  He’s riding during Covid.   The Dragon is a fine ride and on everyone’s checklist.  Cherohala Skyway is a more mellow ride that’s every bit as enjoyable.  So is the Blood Mountain run to Tesnatee Gap in north Georgia.     Any ride  is far more fun if you carry a brown-bag...
  5. Uncle Hud

    Frank Thomas Mesh Mens Jacket (M)

    Does it come with a White Sox cap and a subscription to Nugenix?
  6. Uncle Hud

    SFO 2019 - Official Thread - October 24th thru 27th

    Hell yeah, bitches! I'm in!! I mean ... Why sure, Bandit, I'll give it a shot, you know, to support the host and his plans for this party meeting. Check your mailbox ...
  7. Uncle Hud

    Help needed in Georgia

    Chit, bro! Just now seeing this -- on Monday afternoon. CALL me next time.
  8. Uncle Hud

    FJR Mileage Milestones

    You've got 50,000 on a pink 2014? Cool.
  9. Uncle Hud

    Riding to Kentucky

    Pics? Ride Report?
  10. Uncle Hud

    Adventure Series

    Also found this on the Dos Honduros YouTube site: THANKS, CanadianFJR! Inspiration to find chunky dirt tires for my FJR, and (maybe) ride it to Atlanta, Idaho.
  11. Uncle Hud

    Pathfinder's 100,000 (Cert.) Miles in 1 Year Attempt

    Echoing the above, brother: BE SAFE.
  12. Uncle Hud

    Was that you?

    Not me.
  13. Uncle Hud

    front brakes popping noise/small clunk when applying.

    That's a colorful riding suit, hoppycock. Want to share some details? (I assume, since your issue is resolved, that a little thread drift is in order.)
  14. Uncle Hud

    Bike keyed at work!

    No need for that, man! Your opinion is based on your needs and your experience. It's as valid as my opinions, needs, and experience. My multi-scarred, commuting FJR has those marks on both hardcases. (And maybe two or three sets on the starboard side.) Mine were caused by rubbing against...
  15. Uncle Hud

    Bike keyed at work!

    Your opinion is never worthless, but this time it's incorrect. My FJR is a marvelous commuter bike! Power for the Interstate miles; nimbleness for the tight street corners in Midtown and Buckhead. Acceleration to maneuver among cars and trucks and to seek revenge on stoplights; serious brakes...
  16. Uncle Hud

    Anything NERDY going on?

    I'm thinking NERDS 2020 is on my calendar, too. Got to fill in New England (and New Jersey) on my map. Y'all throw out some plans. September?!?!? Hey, guys, I don't do snow on a motorbike.
  17. Uncle Hud

    Anybody up for a Friday ride thru SEO

  18. Uncle Hud

    Wanted front seat/seat pan for Gen 2

    Seth Laam also wanted both pan and padding.
  19. Uncle Hud

    50TH BBG Certificate

    Best wishes and good vibes headed your way, TravelMan. Congrats on your IBR finish!
  20. Uncle Hud

    7 Click GP Levers - Anyone?

    One would make an excellent weight for salt water fishing tackle.