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    Headlight Modulator suggestions

    No matter what lighting you install, assume the other drivers don't see you, or think you are further away than you actually are. In fact, I think the latter is particularly true of the FJR. Two headlights, side by side but close together: at night many other drivers perceive that as a distant...
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    FJR Age Limit

    To overcome the inertia, they use stiffer springs, and/or reduce lift, and/or reduce duration. It's a complex dance to wring out every last possible bit of HP.
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    FJR Age Limit

    Inertia. Shim-under-bucket design is lighter than shim-over-bucket design. Less prone to valve float at high rpm, all else being equal.
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    FJR Age Limit

    Further to Steve's comments, many dealers have been stuck with abandoned bikes after the repair bill exceeded the value of the machine.
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    Engine only runs with vacuum line disconnected

    Yes, thanks for the update!
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    What is the worst thing you have seen a cager do?

    34 years in the fire service, including several years on an auto extrication team and a few years on a heavy squad support pumper: Every time I think I've seen it all, some idiot comes up with something new. Nothing surprises me any more.
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    No good deed goes

    Actually, now you can: The case fits nicely in the tool tray and is large enough to accommodate a CO2 inflator and some cylinders along with the repair supplies. That said, I would consider it a temporary repair and replace it with a full size...
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    No good deed goes

    Mushroom plug from the inside. It's been a few years, but when I researched the topic that was the only repair acceptable to the major tire manufacturers -- with the caveat that any repair derates the tire speed rating. (A mushroom plug is a combination rubber plug that goes through the hole...
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    ignation fail

    I've had one apart a couple of times on Pandora -- an 03 Gen 1.The first time the switch failed, I was hundreds of miles from home on a weekend after all Yamaha dealers were closed. I had one or two "warning shots" -- turned the key on, nothing happened, turned it off and on again and the bike...
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    Choosing a Gen II Rifle windshield size (vs Gen I)

    Update: As told in another thread, it took forever to get the windshield. But for the sake of completeness for the next guy, the +3 would have been ample. Fully raised, I'm looking through the screen instead of over it. About 1/2 way up is roughly equivalent to the +5 on my Gen 1. Wind hits the...
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    Update/resolved & thx. —> Tire mount / balance weight(s) question

    You do own the equipment. Take the wheel off, put the axle back in and support the axle on either side with a pair of jackstands or similar. Spin the wheel. If it consistently stops at the same place all the time, it's out of balance. A clincher is if it comes to a stop, then reverses and comes...
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    Are Rifle Fairings still in business or gone the way of Bike Bandit?

    They never were a huge company, I assume they had to downsize during Covid. I hope they are able to recover as I always liked their products, starting from their innovative approach to fairing design in the early 80's to their willingness to re-engineer the FJR windscreen's shortcomings.
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    Are Rifle Fairings still in business or gone the way of Bike Bandit?

    Final update: Well, it's finally in my possession and installed: 5-1/2 months later after I placed the order. They never did get the brackets, to my knowledge. Well, that's not entirely true, it turns out they did have one. After my post here last August, Niehart kindly contacted me and...
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    Brake Lights started flickering and now stuck constant on

    Behind the battery. There's two fuseboxes there, I believe it is the right hand one, but could be wrong about which one. That sounds like a grounding issue. A bad ground forces power to seek an alternative path. Since the brake, tail and turn filaments all share a ground wire at the rear, the...
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    My experiment with BMW has taken a downturn

    Yamaha consistently ranks at or near the top of the reliability list. EG:
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    Fun with ABS

    The Mk. III (now with secret decoder light!):
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    Fun with ABS

    By now, everyone knows about the discontinued ABS test adapter and the jumper wire work-around. The OEM version looks like this (image shamelessly borrowed from the internet): Now, I'm all for workarounds, but I'm also a tool junkie so I wanted the "correct" tool, just because. I sourced the...
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    Ignition fix

    As I understand it, two of the recalls are either/or: the extra ground is added if the harness connector is OK, the harness is replaced with the updated one that includes improved ground connection if the connector shows signs of heat damage. Maybe yours had the ground done and therefore...
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    Installing power sockets

    In 2003, I bought a spiral cord 12v adapter for my GPS. Removed the circuit board from the plug, soldered on some supply wires and sealed it all into a film canister, then hard-wired that to the bike under shelter of the fairing, powered by the front marker lights. The coiled cord hangs...
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    2007 FJR1300AE

    I sought out the Canadian version of that website ( and entered my VIN. It responds "Invalid Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) not found or invalid" but then lists four recalls: GROUND JOINT CONNECTOR M142 M11-042 MAIN HARNESS EXCHANGE M1A2...