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    Side Stand Plate

    I've got one I took off a 2014 that I'll sell. Let me take a picture of it and see if it's what you want.
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    Sold SOLD

    I ran into the same issue while installing a hitch on my 14ES but it can easily be relocated. You will also need to relocate the shock preload drive cable too. If interested I can post pictures of my installation.
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    WTB 2013 FJR Touratech luggage rack or similar

    I've got a red one off my 2014 that's in perfect condition for $450.
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    Road trips to Seattle from near Niagara Falls area, any one have preferred routes ?

    If you're going through the NPs remember they have adopted a timed entry system in many of the parks.
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    Highway Pegs for T-Rex Canyon Cages on FJR-1300. Anyone know of any that will actually fit?

    Here's the one's I found after trying two different clamp styles. The Moto Werks kit comes with clamps for 7/8" or 1" crash bars and multi adjustable arms. The footpegs are not included with the kit. After having them for a year I ordered a second pair of arms to facilitate a second peg...
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    165 mile day ride on the 1981 Honda CBX

    Thanks for sharing and brings back some great memories of my old CBX. I purchased it in KCK around 2012 and rode it home to Wichita only to find out the tires were 15 years old. Guess I should feel lucky they didn't blowout while riding 80mph on the turnpike. Kept her for 5 years and added 7k...
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    WTB top case, any color

    Here are some pictures of the top case I have for sale.
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    WTB top case, any color

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    WTB top case, any color

    I've got it listed on the FJR Owner's Forum for $450 plus freight. I've bought a trailer and don't have a need for the top case at this point.
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    WTB top case, any color

    I've got a perfect red one off my 14 listed for sale.
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    Parts For Sale SOLD - Grab Bag of Suspension Tune-up Parts

    I'll take these parts if still available.
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    Hello from Kansas

    Yes a magical place. I wish I had allowed more time to really see the park. Being that it was the middle of September, I was very surprised by all the people. What brought you to Kansas?
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    FJ father and son

    Very cool that you can spend time traveling together on matching FJRs. FYI I have a red tour pack for sale in perfect condition. I bought a Trailer and not using it anymore. $400 plus freight.
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    Welcome Bill, I've had both and enjoyed my Wing for many years riding with my wife but her back has not allowed her to ride the last few years. I started out on a 2010 FJR when riding solo with the guys and then upgraded to a 2014ES with cruise control. The FJR is much lighter and more powerful...
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    Hello from Kansas

    Good morning fellow FJR owners. I'm anxiously waiting for the snow to melt in Kansas and hit the road again in 2022. Last year's highlights were riding to Austin to witness the inaugural Nascar race at COTA. Unfortunately most of it was sitting in the rain. My long ride for last year was up to...