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  1. Bumlinger

    Heading to the Black Hills of SD. Recommendations/Advice welcome

    All good advice. But the one road I did not see mentioned is the best motorcycle road in the Hills is Vanocker Canyon Road. It runs between Sturgis and Nemo. Spearfish Canyon is okay, low speed limit and lots of police officers there to enforce it. Vanocker has less traffic, even during the...
  2. Bumlinger

    Heated gear and gloves website

    Those Gerbings are tethered to the sleeves of my Warm N Safe jacket liner. Last week, I was riding in and around Death Valley NP. Unusually cold, upper 20’s in the morning. Didn’t see the 40’s until the afternoon. My WnS liner under my Klim Latitude jacket kept me nice and warm. Good stuff.
  3. Bumlinger

    Heated gear and gloves website

    I sent them an email today, and they have responded already! They will fix them for me, or at least see if it’s repairable.
  4. Bumlinger

    Heated gear and gloves website

    Yeah, I read that review as well. Seems like it is a new site, they are probably drop-shippers, if they are legit. My LH Gerbing Vanguard has given up the heat function. Wonder if it can be repaired?
  5. Bumlinger

    Heated gear and gloves website

    Has anybody purchased anything from Motoheatedclothing dot com? I came across their website searching for heated gloves. Their prices are about 50% or more off of legit online moto gear suppliers. The old too good to be true axiom has me trying to figure out if they are legit or not. If you've...
  6. Bumlinger

    New from North Carolina

    Welcome from Minnesota. I just bought my first FJR at 69 years of age (I'll be 70 on Friday). Keep riding!
  7. Bumlinger

    Hello from Minnesota

    Thank you everyone for your gracious welcome messages! Yesterday I went down to Cedar Rapids, Iowa and picked up my new (to me) 2010 FJR1300A! 25k miles. Completely stock, and in almost perfect condition. It's a peach! Totally excited to ride it for a few miles before it goes into storage...
  8. Bumlinger

    Hello from Minnesota

    Unfortunately, I don't own a FJR - yet! I'm looking for an end of season deal on probably a newer Gen II. I'm a snowbird and spend my winters in Tucson, AZ. I currently own a 2018 BMW R1200GS that I tow back and forth, fall and spring. Really getting tired of doing that. I'm searching for...