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  1. Super13

    2006 FJR1300A

    I did exactly the same thing. Corbin calls their lowest seat the "nose job". Corbin is a very firm seat, just what I was looking for. 25k miles later it still feels great. Of course YMMV. 👍 When these bikes start tipping, get out of the way. Two times I dropped it (u-turn in slanted parking lot...
  2. Super13

    2022 FJR Lean Angle Sensor

    Question: is the lean angle sensor's job to kill the engine when it knows the bike is laying on it's side?
  3. Super13

    helmet speakers

    I wonder if anyone else thinks about not hearing the road environment with that kind of custom fitted ear gadget. Is that risky? I use the Etymotic ER20. Cuts a lot of the noise, but I am still keenly in touch with my environment. At age 72 I have lost the upper range of my hearing playing the...
  4. Super13

    Parts For Sale Smuggler trunk

    "Just a few hours east" 😆
  5. Super13

    Parts For Sale Smuggler trunk

    I bought my used Smuggler from a guy in florida. The price was right at $500, plus shipping. I had the beautiful blue repainted to match my 2010 silver. I had wanted one of these for 10 years!
  6. Super13

    Do you all get “challenged” at stop lights?

    Years ago I was stopped at a red light waiting for my green. As my light turned green I mismanaged the clutch and stalled the motor. My restart took a few seconds and that same dump truck roared through his red light at full speed. Nowadays, I too wait those extra seconds. Might even get a toot...
  7. Super13

    Pirelli Jackpot!

    After a 20-year break from riding, I got my Honda vtr1000. Friends of mine at the time recommended the Michelin Pilot Road two. For my sport bike these were so much better than anything I had ridden in the 90s. So I have stuck no pun intended with the Michelin since 2009. And to this day I don't...
  8. Super13

    No good deed goes

  9. Super13

    Slippery Slope

    Plus over-punctuation. Somebody ought to charge per comma.
  10. Super13

    Unexpected Ride Change

    I second that. While not quick, strong as a locomotive.
  11. Super13

    New to FJR, rode HD,Goldwings,Cruisers for decades, wife doesn’t want to ride anymore

    My story, too. Looked for 2 years. Then found the right one. 23k miles later, planning next summer's trips. Fun to ride. Dependable 2000 miles from home.
  12. Super13

    Parts For Sale Gen 2/3 Corbin Front/Rear/Backrest

    Very good seat. Have put 28k on mine.
  13. Super13

    Did I finally kill my FJR?

    Helpful for both bike and rider!
  14. Super13

    Do you need a little more HEIGHT for your shoes?

    For my 29" inseam: lowering kit for rear, slid front forks up an inch. Plus Corbin seat "nose job". 25k miles ago. Recommended!
  15. Super13

    ABS and Check engine lights

    I'm sure the ABS topic is a hot potato. My 2010 began showing an intermittent ABS about 3 years ago. I tried to fix it, even working with a Yamaha dealer for "actual service" and advice. Spent some money, no change in ABS. And shrugs from the dealer. They were going to uplevel this to Yamaha...
  16. Super13

    Seat repair suggestions?

    I have had mc seats recovered at auto upholsterers with very good results. Recommended. Get a price.
  17. Super13

    Looking to Buy Corbin or Sargent Seat

    Love my Corbin. Very firm. Very good for all day in the saddle.
  18. Super13

    No good deed goes

    I rode at least 80 spirited miles Chula Vista-Julian-Ocotillo-Chula Vista with this nail in my rear tire. Noticed it parking my bike when I got back home. Practically no one would find you if you crashed in the Anza-Borego desert. Bless Michelin! Fantastic ride, though.
  19. Super13

    Bad ABS hydraulic unit/module 2007A, per Yamaha dealer

    My 2010 began showing the ABS warning light 5 years ago. Paid over $600 at the dealer for new sensors f&r. The light returned from time to time. How many years did I ride before ABS on motorcycles? Not worried.