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  1. RedRiderMN

    My first EVER flat tire (a block from home)

    Here's the URL for the CyclePump EXPEDITION Tire Inflator: Yes, they are pricey, but you won't ever need to replace it. Made in the USA with a lifetime warranty. US...
  2. RedRiderMN

    Heated gear and gloves website

    I use a Warm N Safe jacket and glove liners and highly recommend their products. I just re-read this page posted on their excellent website: Red
  3. RedRiderMN

    jwr521 2014 FJR1300A

    Welcome from MinneSNOWta!
  4. RedRiderMN

    Extremely low MPG

    Makes me long for the two shut-off valves on my old ‘72 BMW! They each had a “reserve” position that provided about one liter of gas and extra miles until empty. Although I actually did run out of gas a few times while on various tours. I guess I do prefer having a gas gauge on my FJR - even...
  5. RedRiderMN

    My experiment with BMW has taken a downturn

    We have a local Independent BMW repair shop in town, however the owner is 71 years old and his main repairman has Parkinson’s. That is part of the reason why I sold my ‘97 K1100LT to them for a severe loss and the very next week took delivery of my FJR. Best decision I’ve made. At least...
  6. RedRiderMN

    Mirror Extensions

    I painted a set of the SW Motech Mirror Extenders to match and was pretty happy with them. But then I installed a set of Yamaha FZ1 Mirrors and there is simply no comparison, I can now actually see things behind me and NOT just my shoulders: YMMV
  7. RedRiderMN

    My experiment with BMW has taken a downturn

    I owned 3 BMWs ('72 R75/5, '83 R80RT, and a '97 K1100LT) and all three developed leaky rear main seals. They all had a single plate dry clutch and the rear main seal was a weak point in their design. I paid a local independent BMW repair shop around a $1000 / year maintaining them. Two of...
  8. RedRiderMN

    Hello from Minnesota

    Welcome from another rider in Victoria, MN! Perhaps I will see you at the National in Richmond next year! Nats
  9. RedRiderMN

    Hello from Minnesota

    I have two other FJR buddies and all three of us are former BMW riders/owners. We usually attend the BMW MOA National (we went last year to Springfield, MO and there were about 5000 riders in attendance), however, our favorite is the BMW RA National Rallies as they average around 1000 or so...
  10. RedRiderMN


    Welcome from MinneSNOWta!
  11. RedRiderMN

    FJR1300 top speed?

    261 KPH = 162.18 MPH
  12. RedRiderMN

    Bike Cover Specifics

    Looks like just the ticket! And for around 60 bucks, you can't beat the price!
  13. RedRiderMN

    New member from Texas

    Welcome from MinneSNOWta!
  14. RedRiderMN

    Seat Confusion

    I have a Corbin seat. To make it soften up a bit, I placed it on my office chair and sat on it for several weeks. It did, in fact, soften up after that. Now it fits me like a "glove"?? ;) YMMV
  15. RedRiderMN

    FJR1300 top speed?

    One feature of my Garmin Zumo XT is that it records my Max Speed. At least until you clear it just before the Leo walks up to your bike asking you “Do you know how fast you were going”? :cool:
  16. RedRiderMN

    Parts Wanted 2014 stock reflectors

    @Ironkev If you do want to consider buying new reflectors, they are hidden in the electrical - 2 page, items 49 and 52.