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  1. chazglenn3

    Backrest wanted

    There's one over in the other sandbox...
  2. chazglenn3

    Incriments On The Fjr Temp Gauge

    Interesting. My Gen 2 reads 4 bars as a normal operating temp. Goes to 5 on warmer days. Never goes above 6 thanks to the Ivan Flash turning the fans on sooner.
  3. chazglenn3

    no start on 04

    Yeah my 7 year old battery was plugged into a battery tender since November and when I tried to start the bike last week it was too weak to start the bike even though the tender showed a green light. Jump started it and rode for an hour to fully charge it. Wouldn't start the next day. New...
  4. chazglenn3

    Parts For Sale Smuggler trunk

    Thanks again for that! :D
  5. chazglenn3

    Frame plugs

    Sweet! I also have a Smuggler. Best. Purchase. Ever.
  6. chazglenn3

    Frame plugs

    I'm on the other end of the spectrum. I rarely have the side bags on my bike so the frame plugs are always in. I use my Givi trunk for day-to-day storage needs.
  7. chazglenn3

    Slippery Slope

    Another welcome from the Pacific Northwet!
  8. chazglenn3

    January 23rd was a great day for riding in the Pacific Northwet.

    I agree that the photos need pie! Great shots, Dave!
  9. chazglenn3

    2007 FJR Starter Issues

    If you do in fact need a starter, then yes the job is a total PITA. I replaced mine when the bike wouldn't start when it was hot. It seems Yamaha laid the starter on the floor and built the bike around it. It is on top of the crankcase. You have to remove the fuel tank, and throttle bodies to...
  10. chazglenn3

    FJR Age Limit

    I finally retired my 1983 Honda V65 Magna. Parts were getting harder to find and I had to do all of the work myself. I'm grateful the 2008 FJR just keeps on going!
  11. chazglenn3

    Going to be a white Christmas.

    I am not enjoying this as an airline employee. SEA is just not set up for extensive deicing operations.
  12. chazglenn3

    "Rat" bike?

  13. chazglenn3

    Rear shock rebuilds

    I think is should have been this one, but it shows as unavailable. has it for $560:
  14. chazglenn3

    If you couldn't have an FJR what would be the next best thing?

    I think I would go with the Honda Gold Wing without the tour pack on the back.
  15. chazglenn3

    Parts For Sale Parting Out My ‘08 (Update)

    What condition is the shock in? Miles? Any leakage?
  16. chazglenn3

    Parting out an '04

    Holy thread resurrection, Batman!
  17. chazglenn3

    Parts Wanted FOUND! - Stock exhaust cans

    All of the muffler options fit all of the years :)
  18. chazglenn3

    Gen 3 or 4?

    Ivan's ECU flash adds a middle mode between Tour and Sport...