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  1. JQL

    My first EVER flat tire (a block from home)

    I wish I had that space available. If you have the electronic suspension FJR that space has been used for the controller :(
  2. JQL

    My first EVER flat tire (a block from home)

    I have ridden 10s of 1,000s of miles with plugged tyres (mushroom type - best, and with gummy worm type). I've never had a problem. Admittedly, my speed was rarely above 70 mph. I wouldn't have any qualms riding with plugged tyres. As to tyre inflators, there are pros and cons to both - Yes, I...
  3. JQL

    LED headlights.

    Rather than change the headlight on the FJR, I would recommend installing LED driving lights. Denalis are good (though more expensive)
  4. JQL

    Headlight Modulator suggestions

    I was once followed by a motorcycle with modulating headlights in heavy traffic. I just wanted to stop and kill him. Secondly, in a lot of States and countries they are illegal. They are illegal for at least one reason - they severely distract other road users. So my advice, NO - never, ever...
  5. JQL

    Fatter Grips

    Yes. I have used them extensively with heated grips. BUT I rarely, if ever, have the heated grips on maximum. On my 2019 FJR, you can adjust the temperature for each of the 3 settings which I have done. On setting Low and Middle, I've upped the temperature by 1 unit each and for setting High...
  6. JQL

    Fatter Grips

    I've used Grip puppies for years over 12 years at least. They are excellent, don't hold much water at all when wet and don't block much of the heat from the heated grips. I have them on all my bikes and thoroughly recommend them. There have been reports that grip sleeves (Grip Puppies and the...
  7. JQL

    Do you need a little more HEIGHT for your shoes?

    I have a 29½" inseam and I've bought the lowered seat from Top Sellerie (they're also available on Amazon - sometimes). I can now get the balls of my feet on the ground which I find is sufficient for me. I am now much more comfortable on the bike both riding and when stationary. If the ½" you...
  8. JQL


    Unfortunately, some Yamaha Dealer's mechanics are just cowboys. In Europe I had multiple problem with the work for the 2nd gear recall. The garage fixed one of the problems but refuse to fix the other. I went to Yamaha France and they sent an "investigator" to check the bike out - waste of...
  9. JQL

    2018 Matte

    Using a Matte Ceramic Coating doesn't add a gloss or a sheene to the paint. It makes the colour slightly richer. It actually bonds to the matte clear coat and makes it more durable. Difficult to describe and most people wouldn't notice any difference but the Blue is very slightly more blue. I...
  10. JQL

    2018 Matte

    If the coating was done 4 years ago and she was kept inside or under cover then, with only 5700 km, she probably won't need doing for about 10,000 km or so. Mine was coated 3½ years ago and has done about 20,000 km and is still OK (she's kept garaged) but will probably need doing before next summer.
  11. JQL

    2018 Matte

    I have a Phantom Blue Matte 2019 which was (matte) ceramic coated when new. The ceramic coating works very well in keeping the paint looking excellent and minimising water spots as water sheets off. It also makes the paint more resistant to scratches (it's not a panacea though) As sunnyorlando...
  12. JQL

    STOLEN overnight in Minneapolis 10/9/22

    My French insurance company requires that mine has a serious lock (SRA approved) securing her whenever she is parked and must be kept in an alarmed garage (with the SRA lock securing the bike) when at home. If I don't have the lock on her and she's stolen, I lose 50% of her value! These...
  13. Johns FJR

    Johns FJR

    Various pictures of a Phantom Blue 2019 FJR1300AE
  14. Chavot-Courcourt1.JPG


    Phantom Blue in Champagne
  15. JQL

    Linch pin sidecase mod - really necessary?

    Only just the other day someone posted on another site about one of his Panniers becoming detached and self destructing on the road. Luckily this hasn't happened to me. Even so I decided to do something about it. With that in mind I decided to pin my panniers. It turned out to be a very easy...
  16. JQL

    Rear crash bars

    You could say something similar about most companies who have manufacturing facilities in different countries. So but your metric is Apple Chinese?
  17. JQL

    Rear crash bars

    R-Gaza is in LATVIA not Russia. Shipping is fairly quick about a week or so depending on holidays. They did, or possibly, still do have a manufacturing facility in St Petersburg. 52 Slokas iela Riga, Latvia LV1007 [email protected] Tel: +371-2-9358646 I have no association with them...
  18. JQL

    Rear crash bars

    I have R-Gaza and they are excellent. R-Gaza FJR1300 2006 - 2018
  19. JQL

    Why online motorcycle forums (fora?) are dying, so claims this article

    Yes it's active. Current stats: Total Members 1226 Total Posts 162243 Total Topics 14439 Total Categories 9 Total Boards 46
  20. JQL

    Why online motorcycle forums (fora?) are dying, so claims this article

    The FJ & FJR Club UK Forum is closing at the end of the month unless someone steps forward to take it over