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  1. Ignacio

    Dash not quite centered

    The front subframe on Gen 1's is, fortunately, mild steel and bends a bit instead of snapping. I never pulled out a laser to verify, but I know after I dropped my '05 once that things If it REALLY drives you nuts, you'd have to pull off the nose, subframe, figure...
  2. Ignacio

    Oil filters size options.

    I wouldn't project any of those points, no. I would, however, reiterate my last post with emphasis on riding more and stressing less. P.S. About half my DNA is from your area of the country before they got antsy and jumped the pond about 300 years ago. ;)
  3. Ignacio

    Oil filters size options.

    Yamaha engineers are smart I think Yamaha engineers are smart folks, buy what they recommend, change your oil once in while, ride more, and stress less. OR, go back on the forum and read the many, Many, MANY, MANY threads on the various subjects of filters, oils, and enchanted spells on the...
  4. Ignacio

    Changing Speedometer Instrument Dash Lights on a Gen 1

    Actually, I did a full write-up in this thread!
  5. Ignacio

    My first EVER flat tire (a block from home)

    String and 12v inflator. Both from Walmart. Used three different times on two FJRs over the years....although the first one I used a mushroom plug system that I never liked much. I'm a patch and ride to tire end kind of long as it holds, tire carcass isn't damaged too much, not the...
  6. Ignacio

    Parts For Sale Yamaha FJR 1300 Gas Tank Fuel Tank 3P6 2006-2012

    Another user that's only post is to sell something, vague in responses, and used the same IP address as another suspect person. Caveat emptor people.
  7. Ignacio

    Parts For Sale Smuggler trunk

    I've had several reports of non-response with the OP about their thing for sale, but nobody has said first-hand they were scammed or attempted to be scammed. Combine this with the question posted about shadiness of pulling pictures from other forums.....and another reason I have on the...
  8. Ignacio

    FJRF0 Threads

    There was before the forum moved over, but seems to have evaporated. I believe the old way was a sub-forum header or summary at the top when you'd click on the Technical and Mechanical problems. I went to look on the admin side to see if it was still there, but couldn't find it and think I have...
  9. Ignacio

    Replacing clutch switch

    Not aware of any videos or recall somebody doing a thread in the past on this particular bit. Maybe try buying a service manual to diagnose your issue. I recall a "checking the switches" section in the Gen 1 manual. And while I haven't had a Gen 3 all apart, I have had the entire look out on...
  10. Ignacio

    LH Indicator LED not working.

    Concur. Unless some previous owner upgraded to LEDs....the Gen 1 are 100% incandescent.
  11. Ignacio

    LED H4 upgrade for 2013 Gen III — any Update?

    Nothing I've considered enough for my '14. I remain getting extra photons from auxiliary lights.
  12. Ignacio

    Bike won’t start

    No worries. If anything, it reminds us that when we have a problem that we share ALL the details possible when diagnosing. In fact, I should have said there are four things that bikes need to run: air, fuel, spark, no third-party add-ons hosed.
  13. Ignacio

    Bike won’t start

    When you put it on the center stand, you kicked up the side stand? If the engine shuts off while in neutral, but put the side stand down I'd focus on the side stand switch. Regardless, this a MUCH better outcome than the alternatives.
  14. Ignacio

    Bike won’t start

    Of course it's not good for it! But , IF it's the fast starter syndrome.....I don't know of way around it. It's your choice for sure. Otherwise, go pick the other things to pursue first.
  15. Ignacio

    Bike won’t start

    I held mine WOT for a minute before on several occasions and finally coughed to life given the details and process I've documented in the fast starter syndrome thread....and still on my original starter. But I could smell fuel at the end of the minute. No fuel smell? I'd pull a plug and try...
  16. Ignacio

    Bike won’t start

    Do you smell unburned fuel after you crank on it for a while? Does it cough or sputter at all or completely dead with no sign of firing whatsoever when you WOT cranked it? And how long? If dead, pull one of the plugs and turn the engine over. Do you see a spark or not? Engines need spark...
  17. Ignacio

    Frame plugs

    I rarely if ever remove my I think most people do. Plugs can be found at your dealer, occasionally on eBay, or at any of the motorcycle part websites that have microfiche. The latter has a thread on the forum that highlights many sources.
  18. Ignacio

    Heated gear and gloves website

    Call or contact Gerbing. I know I had an issue with my Warm-n-Safe where I messed up and road-rashed it. Instead of fixing it, they offered me a really great discount on a new one. Maybe Gerbing has a similar deal.
  19. Ignacio

    Heated gear and gloves website

    About 10 seconds of Googling and I see this not-so-favorable review of the website. Something seems sketchy to me. Personally, it seems like a change to FAFO. I'd stick with Warm-N-Safe directly given the 200,000 miles or so I've used them....they've been supportive of the FJR and LD community.
  20. Ignacio

    ES suspension

    One post per subject please. Use your existing thread on the subject.