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  1. TWILKIN650

    Reno Air Races

    My son and I will be there in the grandstands on the last day of the race, then off to Wendover, Utah to try to catch some LSR efforts on the salt flats. Then off to fly fish in Idaho, then off to the Cody Museum. We have a lot planned in ten days.
  2. TWILKIN650

    What is the preferred boot of the FJR riders?

    +1 for Sidi On Road. Mine are probably 12-13 years old now, and other than having to reattach Velcro that has come loose are still going strong. The four Velcro closures on each boot take a bit of time to fasten down, but very comfortable on the road and pretty good for walking. Completely...
  3. TWILKIN650

    FREE "I.C.E." Info Tag

    Got mine today, and many thanks for the the concept and making that concept real!
  4. TWILKIN650

    Two Brothers = too LOUD!

    Bungie wrote: Then I tried an old chopper trick. I got a big thumb screw and mounted that in the stock tip. Unbelievable, it got louder still! Turning it to a 45 degree angle helped a lot. But not enough. Reminds me of the Snuff or Not I had on my BSA Victor in the '70's...
  5. TWILKIN650

    I believe I have a solution for Houston traffic problems

    Dibs on the guest room! And I know you are just a little bit pumped about Arkansas! Beat having to ride about 500 miles to get to those great roads.....
  6. TWILKIN650

    Olympia Airglide 3 pants?

    If you are a "bigger" guy, the sizing as over jeans is about right. I wear 40-42 jeans and the 44 Airglide 3 fit about right. Very comfortable with liner in cold temps, cool enough in hot temps. Very satisifed user of both jacket and pants. Not crash tested.
  7. TWILKIN650


    About 40 years ago I embarked on the search for the perfect cigar......for me, not necessarily for anyone else. I found a few I liked over the years, but within the last year, as a result of a recommendation from a fellow cigar smoker, I found the Hoyo de Monterrey Reposado en Cedros. Mild...
  8. TWILKIN650

    SFO 2013...Thur May 30th through Sun June 2nd

    A repeat of SFO 2012 would be fine by me. Weather in NW Arkansas in May is a roll of the dice. The Hub is fine, with food on site....I had Prime Rib two nights in a row. Great roads within a mile or two of the rally site, and many, many more within striking distance. I had a medical problem...
  9. TWILKIN650

    Home safe thread - SFO 2012

    Home safe at 5:45. Left the Hub at 6:00 and got only a little rain on the way out. What's an SFO without a little rain? :rolleyes:
  10. TWILKIN650

    Corbin Smuggler Trunk

    I paid ~$550 for mine new from Corbin in 2006 and have had one on my 2005 for six years. So, for less than $100 a year, it holds what I need it to hold, and looks good doing it. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I have no argument with the man who has a lower price. He knows better than...
  11. TWILKIN650

    OFFICIAL SFO 2012 RALLY thread

    Patriot, my reservations were called in tonight. Thanks for setting this up!
  12. TWILKIN650

    OFFICIAL SFO 2012 RALLY thread

    Mike, put me down for one room, two beds. Now, I'm going to locate my rain gear.......
  13. TWILKIN650

    Want a "Smuggler" so do I [email protected]#$^&

    You're going to love your Smuggler when it finally shows up. Unless you have by then bought the next Gen FJR and it won't fit the new bike......
  14. TWILKIN650

    Question on seats

    +1 on Ionbeam's description. Best description of the logic and wonderfulness that a Russell seat is for many of us. I couldn't have said it better. I had five years with the stock seat and the last couple with the Russell. How your backside feels after many miles simply becomes a non-issue...
  15. TWILKIN650

    Complete removal of fuel tank off the bike

    It went pretty well. I siphoned out what gas I could, then turned the tank upside down, drained out some more and shook some more out. Because of the filler neck extension into the tank, I couldn't get the last quart out, so decided not to flush with IPA, just a couple of quarts of gas. What...
  16. TWILKIN650

    Complete removal of fuel tank off the bike

    I'm planning to remove my tank today to clean and drain out crud and water that has probably accumulated over the years. Has anyone had any problems with removing the tank, sloshing the remaining gas around a bit with the tank in normal upright position and then inverting tank to drain out gas...
  17. TWILKIN650

    What to wear..

    Suggest a cooling vest with mesh jacket even in high humidity. Of course works better at low humidity. For a little over 20 bucks, it's a cheap fix if you find you need it. Packs up small if you don't. LD Comfort Shorts as mentioned above are great. Your Gen II isn't a potbellied stove like...
  18. TWILKIN650

    Avon Storms

    Probably headed for NEPRT, but 40 front and 42 rear. I'm a beefier type of guy....
  19. TWILKIN650

    Glove recommendtion

    Report back after an additional 5000 miles with the Held Phantoms. Since they were a bit tight when I received them, it's taken about this long to break them in. They are a little looser now, and more comfortable than the first 1000 miles. No problems with stitching, the grey kangaroo palm...
  20. TWILKIN650

    New jacket help

    Another vote for the Olympia gear from a former Roadcrafter guy. I've use it only for about 3000 miles so far, and only from 50 to 103F, but I love it.