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    Another n00b

    First and foremost - welcome as for darkside - Depends on your riding style and priorities. I was using my '08 (now around 95K miles) for SoCal commuting (can't stand sitting in traffic), and have a spare set of wheels, having one rear wheel be a CT made sense (I had previously test rode a...
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    Seat repair suggestions?

    If you were in SoCal, I'd send you to my uncle, a very experienced and well-known auto upholster (featured many times in hot rod and similar mags back in the day). He's done one m/c seat cover for me years ago (not the FJR) using high quality scrap black leather he had laying around... so, I...
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    If you couldn't have an FJR what would be the next best thing?

    I was thinking the same... except As I looked for a replacement for my ZG1000 back in '09, I test drove both BMW K and RT series bikes, and the Concours 14. Problem was expected lifetime maintenance costs drove me away from all of them (and middle USA service availability on the BMWs) and to...
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    Tan 'Stitch Colorfastness

    I'm 2nd owner of my Aerostich Roadcrafter 2-piece (mfg in '96) in Blue w/ red ballistics. I've personally got close to 150K+ miles on this 'stich (first on '90 Concours ZG1000 and now the FJR). Blue has definitely faded, sent back for 'service' once (almost 10 yrs ago?? deep cleaning, zippers...
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    Choosing a Gen II Rifle windshield size (vs Gen I)

    On my '08 with tinted Rifle, I don't recall having any issues of fully raising the windshield at 100mph (done only as a brief test, mind you, regarding windflow, buffeting, passenger impact, etc).
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    Hello from SoCal.

    Understood. My commute was down I-5 into San Diego and avoided that when practical. It is largely how I put over 80K on my '08 FJR (and many miles on my ZG1000 Concurs before that). Welcome
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    Thousand mile day.

    Lots of folks have done such I personally got very close to a Saddle Sore 1000, but as that wasn't the intent, (getting home after COG Ride the Rockies rally in Avon CO was) and after a long day, we stopped in Reno NV [as going further was doable...
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    Are Rifle Fairings still in business or gone the way of Bike Bandit?

    Good to hear Rifle still in operation. I've loved my Rifle windscreen on my Concours then the FJR (almost 200K miles between the two at this point) As for email- often quick but was designed decades ago, and store-and-forward does happen. One can review email header logs and geek out on where...
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    Riding pants

    I finally am swapping to a new Aerostich 2-piece Roadcrafter and using my prior one for 20+ years and 200K miles (between prior Concours and current FJR). And I was 2nd owner after medical issue forced prior owner to get newer, larger suit after barely using it. So yea, pricey new, but...
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    Going to the Dark Side

    Far from crash & burn, it is the less than normal moto tire drama I'm enjoying! I put on CT 2 years (10K+ miles... 1/2 my normal rate, benefit of working from home a lot more) ago and no puncture since then (and a puncture flat on the highway averaging once per year for 3 years before that. I...
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    G.O.T.C 2015......Ramona cancelled, Think Santa Cruz in October...

    Marked in the calendar As for riding, I've been bicycle riding in the Deluz area and been looking forward to taking the motorcycle into the area
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    Going to the Dark Side

    Thanks for the replies. I went with the cutout method on the tension bar and commuted the last 2 days on it. I had test ridden a CT shod FJR a few years back after a tech day at Neil's. As for wheel removal and installation, I put 2 pieces of scrap plywood (maybe 1.5" tall combined) under the...
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    Going to the Dark Side

    Has there been any failures or problems with someone taking the original rear brake tension (caliper brace bar mount) and trimming it down to fit with CT mounted? Apologies in advance, but I'm not in a position to read all 192 pages (a large portion of which I've read at one time or another)...
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    Aerostich pop-up retail site SoCal 5 days only Nov 20-24 Oceanside Essentially located on Hwy 78 1st exit east of I-5 in Oceanside I plan to stop by tomorrow, as they are only 2 miles from my house. After 120K miles on my Roadcrafter, I still love my suit. I'll report on onsite deals, etc For those that are interested...
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    N/Line FJR Dash - If we can get enough people, they might make another batch

    7 is too many for me to advance purchase (stock and re-sell), but if comes down to two or three short, I'd consider buying up the last few to make sure this happens
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    For Sale 2007 Rear Wheel complete SOLD

    The wheel is still available. You need to check yourself, but I've read this will fit 2005, 2006, and 2007 ABS models This is for a good condition, straight, no dings, etc. complete '07 rear wheel assembly including rotor (but not ABS sensor) for $325 + shipping. If you don't want/need the...
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    Amegn Tour

    I was in Escondido as well with the whole family. We also watched the depart and return [were at the Finish line at approx 150m mark (south side) in shade ;^)] The family enjoyed being by the team buses watching interviews, meeting Bob Roll and Chris Horner (who lives in San Diego), etc...
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    In Search Of: The Perfect Windscreen

    Exactly why I got the Rifle, and pillion nice and happy Flip screens are absolutely terrible for pillion as the disturbed air comes right down on them (and often you own back, which is why I hate them even for my own solo riding). You want the air to go over/around your passenger so they get...
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    In Search Of: The Perfect Windscreen

    Sorry - but defintely not true. With the right shield you can have a quiet, relatively still air pocket while still looking over the top of the shield (incl at go straight to jail type speeds). I say relatively, as even behind the largest screen, there will still be some air flow The downside...