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  1. supertankerm60a3

    Stock Saddlebag Lock Questions

    You can make ANY lock cylinder work with your existing ignition key. Just get the cylinder out, put your ignition key into it, one or more tumblers will be sticking out. File them flush. Make sure they filed smooth and do not have burrs that hang them up. That's it, install (or re-install)...
  2. supertankerm60a3

    Germans....and Why They Lost the War

    I just got back from Germany, training active Army soldiers (91B's) in Wheeled vehicle recovery. They all look like that, especially the really hot waitress (sorry, the pic is on my iphone and I can't get it to talk to windows) at the ice cream shop right across from the cathedral in...
  3. supertankerm60a3

    What did you do to your FJR today?

    Changed the oil... HOLY COW!! According to my maintenance log it was 8000 miles ago. OOPS. I really got to keep up on this better.
  4. supertankerm60a3

    Going to the Dark Side

    I am assumeing it is the truck version if that is the two choices. all I know about it is it is a 205 50/17. It was not particularly stiff in the sidewall.
  5. supertankerm60a3

    Going to the Dark Side

    All right, I have used the search and looked through quite a few posts. I have an extra wheel and am ready to put a car tire on for the commuting miles. (with the option to throw on the PR4 for fun riding) I am looking at the (Bridgestone or Michelin) Ecopia. Has anyone used one of these? Thanks
  6. supertankerm60a3

    190/55 Tire Wear?

    What SLK50vsaid on the handling and pegs. I got 12500 out of my last one, plus the 5% offset to the odometer due to the additional size.
  7. supertankerm60a3

    Top case realistic weight

    Remember the broken internal bracing anyone? The tail is weak, some of the genetics from the sport side of its family. Be careful of going much past the owners manual's recommend weight that includes the top case itself. I can see the future post now... "My tail broke, this thing is junk...
  8. supertankerm60a3

    Cheap Chinese Radiator - Waste of time

    Your first mistake is owning an FJR that has one of those funky curved radiators... The straight ones don't do that.
  9. supertankerm60a3

    Not Again

    I did one 'Toys for Tots' ride, ONCE. It turned out the ride was shorter that the actual formation. Yes, the first bikes were pulling in before the last bikes left the start. Bakersfield...
  10. supertankerm60a3

    What did you do to your FJR today?

    I got my KIDS to wash it for me!!
  11. supertankerm60a3

    Vibration starting at 4500rpm and gets worse ('05 FJR1300)

    The fact that the OP claims the vibrations start at 4500 and go up, when vibrations from synchronized throttles and cylinders misfiring fades as RPMs go up, leads me to believe that it is the normal internal combustion engines (especially inline fours) suffer from at higher RPMs. Even with...
  12. supertankerm60a3

    Vibration starting at 4500rpm and gets worse ('05 FJR1300)

    FJR's do vibrate a bit, you might just be sensitive to it. So either keep it under 4500 RPM where it won't bother you or above 8000 where you will be going too fast to notice.
  13. supertankerm60a3

    New Tires - Spark Plug Change Interval

    Check the tire pressure. That is the one thing I have personally found that will induce or cure front end wobble.
  14. supertankerm60a3

    Fuel Tank Plastic Cap Ring Broke

    EBay. whole set 36.00. Or just keep looking for awhile.
  15. supertankerm60a3

    Bustanut is at it again. In the Hospital

    Really Bust, it is much easier and less expensive to get your attention your normal way, hanging out and making derogatory crass comments on the forum. Get well soon ya FUK!!
  16. supertankerm60a3

    Avoiding LA traffic?

    Steve, First, you can split lanes all the way through. However, in the interest of shortening the pain, I would suggest taking 126 inland from Ventura to I-5 take 5 till you leave the metroplex. You REALLY want to avoid the 101/405 interchange area, That is the worst area.
  17. supertankerm60a3

    Middle driven shaft end cover

    clean it really well before coming to any conclusions. Either carb cleaner or pressure wash then take a closer look. it looks like an unimportant 'gunk catcher' to me right now.
  18. supertankerm60a3

    Gas tank pressure

    I had a problem like this on my (very) old GPz750Turbo. It turned out that I got the two of the three hoses reversed. Check your routing, by schematic, it's free.
  19. supertankerm60a3

    Leather verses Vinyl Seat Covers

    I bought the 75 $ each leather seat covers from Britain. I like them alot. They have the option of cored side panels. Search ebay