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  1. RiderJoe

    Great Ride in Arizona High Country

    … will go even faster. Speaking from experience here. One of my coworker said a while ago: “Life is like a roll of toilet paper. The more we use it, the faster it spins” 😂 He was right.
  2. RiderJoe

    LED Headlight Bulbs 💡 Gen 2 FJR

    I tried a few LEDs in my previous bike and cars. They improved a lot over time, but one thing remained constant - the weak point on many are the fans. They spin at 12K RPM, and they usually fail way before the bulb's advertised "30,000 hours of service life" (= 24/7 for almost 3.5 years = 🤥)...
  3. RiderJoe

    New Member in Salem, OR

    Well, congratulations to your new ride! You mentioned that the PO was a Yamaha mechanic. That’s good news (hopefully). Still, you should check out the bike thoroughly. Age of tires, rubber parts (hoses) quality, etc. Also, since the bike hasn’t been ridden a lot, I would recommend a change of...
  4. RiderJoe

    Noise from 3.5rpm

    @horseydonkey, is there a way you could record the sound of your bike (with a GoPo or your mobile phone) and post it here? Try to record the sound at lower RPMs, and then the change you notice when you raise the RPM to 3.5K or above in third gear. I don’t claim that I could figure out the...
  5. RiderJoe

    2014 with serious problem

    I think that if the chain jumped, he would have noticed that on his 20 minute ride. If the chain is off just by 1 tooth, the bike would run, but noticeably not well. I am with you on a weak battery theory. Either something like a short or an accessory is draining it, or it is tired and ready to...
  6. RiderJoe

    2014 with serious problem

    I agree with others. The diagnosis doesn’t seem logical. 1. With a good battery and low engine compression the starter would not struggle, quite the opposite would happen. 2. When you tried again the engine fired up, and ran fine on your 20 minute ride. You would have noticed if something was...
  7. RiderJoe

    No Longer Wanted Looking for right driver foot peg for 2007

    Thank you so much for your offer! I might take you up on it if I run into issues. First, I will look for the parts - they shouldn’t be too difficult to find. Thanks again for the idea and information! RiderJoe
  8. RiderJoe

    No Longer Wanted Looking for right driver foot peg for 2007

    Thanks so much for all the info you gave! I will be looking for a set of pegs like that for sure. I am sorry to hear about the neuropathy your treatment left you to cope with. We all need adopt to health issues as best as we can. Clever solutions like yours help a lot. All the best to you...
  9. RiderJoe

    No Longer Wanted Looking for right driver foot peg for 2007

    That is so cool! Great idea. Thank you! On multi-day trips (10+) the bottom middle of my foot becomes quite sore, even though I try to move them around as much as I can on the pegs. A wider peg would certainly help with that.
  10. RiderJoe

    No Longer Wanted Looking for right driver foot peg for 2007

    @Whooshka how does one end up with an extra pair of footpegs? My bike came with the right amount. 😀 - Just kidding, of course. What type of aftermarket ones you replaced the originals with?
  11. RiderJoe

    Sold Russell day long seat

    Thanks for the reply @Tx123. I understand, and appreciate the explanation. Sincerely, RiderJoe
  12. RiderJoe

    Sold Russell day long seat

    @TUCSONJON , so that you know, @Tx123 posted the same offer on the “other” forum on Sunday also. I was the second one to send him a PM from there, but have not heard back since. As TX mentioned on the other forum, he would prefer to sell the seats locally in TX, so probably that is why he only...
  13. RiderJoe

    Well crap, no green dot CCT (2008)

    Yes, check with an inspection mirror all around the flange if you can. Most likely though, your CCT doesn’t have a dot. Both CCTs I installed had (have) the dot on the flange on front of the bottom well (visible below the arrow) on your picture. This is true for the pictures I saw of the CCTs in...
  14. RiderJoe


    I agree. I loved my '86 V65 too! But, it was not meant to do the type of riding we do on the FJR, especially with my wife behind me as a pillion. We did ride 300-400 mile/day trips on her, but we were much younger back then.
  15. RiderJoe

    2016 headlamp adjuster knob set screw - help

    @rbentnail , I understand, and that was the point of my post - to describe a method I used to align the hole on the shaft with the hole on the knob IF the knob is removed. However, I admit: I don’t have a Gen III, nor do I have access to one so my suggestion may not work on newer bikes. Please...
  16. RiderJoe

    2016 headlamp adjuster knob set screw - help

    This may be a silly suggestion to some, but before I found out that I don’t need to remove the headlight adjuster knob on my ‘06 for panel removal, on assembly I stuck a toothpick into the hole on the adjuster shaft. Then, taking a mental note of the toothpick’s direction I pushed the knob onto...
  17. RiderJoe

    Greetings and salutations

    20 years on the Concours? Awesome! You beat me by three years on my first (2003) FJR, which I sold in 2020 to get a very nice 2006 with 7K miles on her. Enjoy your rides!
  18. RiderJoe

    Garmin Zumo discount

    @rbentnail , Yes! What @BigOgre said! Thanks so much for the tip!
  19. RiderJoe

    Garmin Zumo discount

    So true! In addition to Ross’ suggestions, I would also recommend reviewing your planned route once more - zoomed in very closely on your computer before saving it and transferring it to your GPS. The reason for this is that when you pace your routing points while the map is zoomed out, it is...