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  1. Cyclepath

    Sold Russell day long seat

    Dang, I was afraid you may tell me that [weight info]. ;) Sorry, also, which Generation (1, 2, 3, or 4) is this fitting?
  2. Cyclepath

    Sold Russell day long seat

    Hey Tx123, can you offer us curious folk what you would have told the Russel company when they made that one for you? Can you tell us {in pounds) what the front seat was designed / foamed for ? I recall that Russel, and other companies usually ask about your weight, how often / long you...
  3. Cyclepath

    Motorcycle For Sale ***Sold*** 2007 FJR 1300A

    Geez Cos101, she's barely broken in. GLWS
  4. Cyclepath

    Motorcycle For Sale :..F/S - 2014 Yamaha FJR 1300A - under 22K mileage - REDUCED= $8500 ..:

    Hope that bootiful mount went to a good home, where she'll be ridden long & hard, then cleaned up and tucked back in for a rest now and then. ;) Rust never sleeps...
  5. Cyclepath

    Sold 2003 FJR1300 for Sale | $2,800 (CAD) | 140,000kms

    I spent > 7 years on a well kept Gen1 (2004), and had virtually no trouble with her ; added > 120,000 Kms to her clock while riding rain or shine throughout the Pacific Northwest. GLWS !
  6. Cyclepath

    Sold SOLD - 2006 FJR1300

    She's a real beaut! GLWS
  7. Cyclepath

    SOLD - 2005 FJR 1300 $4,500 / 15,442 mi. Nashville, TN

    Only 15.4 K miles?  Dude, she's barely through the break-in period! Any graphics to entice tire-kickers?    🤔
  8. Cyclepath

    2007 FJR for sale

    I could never have twins in the garage - my wife won't abide THAT. 😲
  9. Cyclepath

    2007 FJR for sale

    Curious - how does one own an FJR for a while, but somehow completely avoid being caught in rain - well, outside of Arizona / Nevada at least? 🤔
  10. Cyclepath

    SOLD 2013 FJR A outside Savannah GA

    She's a pretty gurl - GLWS!
  11. Cyclepath

    2008 FJR - only 8400 miles ***SOLD***

    Geez, this is kind of distracting. What are you trying to sell again?  🙄
  12. Cyclepath

    WTB GEN III dash shelf- Ordered one

    Sorry to learn you've had some issue with broken mounts (!). In full transparency, I hesitated to buy one for my own Gen3 due to a similar concern that breakage of any of the fairing-connected points could happen eventually (under heat + vibration stress).  This was not a concern for the shelf...
  13. Cyclepath

    WTB GEN III dash shelf- Ordered one

    Just jumping in here to offer a plug for a California company I had some interaction with in 2018, then late in 2020 - on the topic of buying a dash shelf. Scott ([email protected]) offered me a link to some DropBox pics that still appears...
  14. Cyclepath

    The only Cerulean silver 2008 FJR1300A on the planet, $5200

    Geez, I used to ride a Gen1 (2004) of that same colour.   Please gift us with a pic or three, as some of us are curious what a Gen2 looked like in that hue.
  15. Cyclepath

    2012 FJR1300 Fully equipped for the long haul. $7K obo North Alabama. 24,500 miles Sale pending

    Wow - she's looking very clean, and with that low mileage she should be going to a good home soon. GLWS!
  16. Cyclepath

    2004 FJR1300ABS, 11,000 mi, $4500 Charleston, SC

    I just sold my own 2004 FJR after adding 70K miles on her over 7 years.   Some buyer will do well to snag this one. GLWS!
  17. Cyclepath

    SOLD 2009 FJR for Sale $1995

    She's a beauty Fontanaman - good luck with sale.
  18. Cyclepath

    2006 FJR For Sale Northeast Oklahoma $3500 *SOLD*

    She's a beauty - that's an awesome deal. GLWS