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  1. Docsfj

    Greetings and Intro from New FJR1300 Owner

    Welcome from Central Washington State. Enjoy the new, sweet ride.
  2. Docsfj

    Greetings from Bluffton, SC

    Welcome Bill069. Hailing from Washington State. Kind of in the same boat. Just purchased my third FJR, 2022. Still have my K1600GT. Going to sell it this spring as we get better weather. For the same reason. Great bike, but too heavy and long wheel base. And expensive to service. The...
  3. Docsfj

    Third FJR

    Thank you fastpappy. Have to get through the winter, as you no doubt are familiar. Is it Spring yet ??
  4. Docsfj

    Third FJR

    Thanks Ridelikethewind. From Central Washington.
  5. Docsfj

    Third FJR

    Thank you escapefjrtist. I love your user name. From Central Washington, Chelan County.
  6. Docsfj

    Third FJR

    Good morning all. Previously owned a 2013, then a 2014 FJ. Took a break the last six years with with a BMW K1600GT. A nice two up machine. Still, it was too big, too heavy and too long for my taste. Made getting aggressive in the twisties a challenge. A few years back, did 1000 mile day on...