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  1. Cyclepath

    Alive for now?

    You go man! Best wishes on your your new mount. ;)
  2. Cyclepath

    What you do besides motorbikes?

    Almost 4 decades in system / integration testing in various industrial technologies A non-trivial amount of time spent in CAD (schematic capture, PCB design, 3D model sketches) electronic fabrication used to do long distance cycling (road bicycle) through da mountains A little home furniture...
  3. Cyclepath

    Sending a custom route to an Android phone

    harper: You do of course have to already know whether or not your current Android devices actually include the necessary on-board GPS transceiver chipset (actually known as GPS in the USA, and a good European standard created by Russia years ago known as GLONASS). Of course China is...
  4. Cyclepath

    Sending a custom route to an Android phone

    Hey harper, for about 8 years now, I have been happily planning my longer roadtrips on my computer with GoogleMaps. It has offered us up to 10 layers (you can enable/disable viewing in your browser's private session), and when I am satisfied with how I want the route to direct me, I have...
  5. Cyclepath

    Split: Off-Topic About Customer Service

    Every now and then over the last couple decades, I've told someone I can help them "for chocolate".  All depends upon what the real commitment to see a repair through becomes...
  6. Cyclepath

    Sad News

    Piling on here FJRay to add I'm sorry for your loss.
  7. Cyclepath


    Hey Jimmy REB, you're in for a treat, I've come to appreciate the western third of North America offers a hell of a lot of great riding, through twisty mountain roads, high vista passes, and often, less traffic than you may experience in the east.  Well, as long as you schedule your outta town...
  8. Cyclepath

    2020-12-25 Infrared Scan of Kz1300 Engine

    Thanks for sharing these IR spectrum photos and video Mr. Carver.  Some kewl stuff there to intrigue our inner geek!   😵 Geez, now I may have to rush out and my my own FLIR device too...  😲
  9. Cyclepath

    Tire longevity

    I too, am disappointed at the PR5's apparent lack of mileage life. My fave tires for long life had become the Avon 3D-XM (eXtended Mileage) variant (180v55R17), but now it seems Avon has replaced them with something called Spirit model tires (?). Used to get almost 16K Kms (~10K miles) out of...
  10. Cyclepath

    What's the Weather like where YOU are today?

    Currently -21c with windchill, and some of that fluffy white sunshine is once again falling like manna from heaven. Well, maybe NOT manna from heaven 😭 California's looking better every year... 
  11. Cyclepath

    What's the Weather like where YOU are today?

    It's -17 degrees C, but clear and sunny.  Tonight expected to be -30c. Good day for fantasizing about long distance trips, and actually drafting new trip maps (which I am doing right now) in preparation of getting my usual suspects on-board for group adventure in a few months...
  12. Cyclepath

    What's the Weather like where YOU are today?

    2" of snow coming down today, and about -18 degrees C... I'm sad, because I don't even have a snowblower that would let me hear simulated FJR engine noises. :cry:
  13. Cyclepath

    Front tire cupping, recommended tire pressure?

    Wow - the numbers some of you guys submit here for front tire mileage is kinda scary. My old Gen1 gets me about 12-15,000 Kms (about 8-9,500 miles) for each front tire I've used over the last 7 years.  Yes, I usually run my tires at ~40 front, ~42 rear. I too, ride her quite...
  14. Cyclepath

    Valve stems

    My old TPMS unit just shows the last value until my wheels have been rolled a coupla times. Sometimes I can just rotate my rear wheel (on centerstand) a couple times and I have an updated reading.
  15. Cyclepath

    Valve stems

    I've been happily using a modest quality (but reliable) Chinese branded TPMS solution (external, twist on caps) solution now for about 5 years on my old Gen1. After having decent quality 90 degree stems installed in both my rims, I have just adjusted the front stem to avoid the TPMS sensor cap...
  16. Cyclepath

    Ryan F9 - Short video on tire science

    Yeah, he's really maturing into some kind of Internet star - but without a manufactured set of "street kewl" adjectives/slang. His small film crew really does do some interesting things. Fricken' guy - I'm jealous...
  17. Cyclepath

    Ryan F9 - Short video on tire science

    Me and my buddies here are also appreciative Ryan-F9 fans. His apparent youth may deceive ageists - his reasonable, pragmatic and informed views are almost always mean time well-spent. Always puts a smile on my mug too.
  18. Cyclepath


    Rotella T6 5w-40 full synthetic is my fave flavour. Oh yes, YMMV...
  19. Cyclepath

    Drive shaft service

    After coming later than many of you here to the FJR party, I sponged up the good advice to pay attention to the front drive shaft splines, and now religiously lather it in a Moly-rated high stress grease every time I swap out the rear tire on my old Gen 1. Now, each time I disassemble it for...
  20. Cyclepath

    Damn Just damn

    Add me to the pile here - man that was quick...