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  1. Brodie

    West Coast Gathering (WCG) - June 15-18, 2023, Fort Bragg, CA

    Just so long as the bike doesn’t take a dirt nap, I’ll be happy. Brodie ☺️
  2. Brodie

    West Coast Gathering (WCG) - June 15-18, 2023, Fort Bragg, CA

    Planning on coming to Tyler’s gathering. Anyone sleeping in the dirt, and would like to share their campsite? Brodie 🙂
  3. Brodie

    Post some pics of the area in which you live

    Calaveras Reservoir From the picture you would never know you were about 12miles from downtown San Jose. This taken from Calaveras Road, my daily commute route from Milpitas to Livermore. Sure beats playing thread the needle in the motorcycle lane in afternoon Interstate 680 stop and go...
  4. Brodie

    Found an old picture of Sacramento Mike

    Don, Thanks for enlightening my mind. 😆
  5. Brodie

    Headlight Modulator suggestions

    A note of reality for the original poster, StoNaiBeiCy: One of the really neat things about a user forum like this is that we are all ready and willing to spend YOUR hard earned money on your bike. And since you are installing a FuzeBlock, you’ve made provisions for future expansion. Don’t...
  6. Brodie

    "Rat" bike?

    That RatBike needs a big round headlight, like this one from ClearWater Lights:
  7. Brodie

    Do you need a little more HEIGHT for your shoes?

    At a size 16 boot, I have no problem touching my toes down at a stoplight. Of course my 40 “ inseam helps out just a little bit. 😁 My biggest concern about these UpBikers foot farkle attachments would be getting a secure fit on the shoe/boot. Any sloppiness could result in an upset - especially...
  8. Brodie

    No good deed goes

    Looks kinda close to the sidewall to me, and I’m a sticky string kinda guy. Brodie 🤔
  9. Brodie


    Motorcop, Since dealership B is already inside the bike, and looking at the clutch plates, have them complete the job, and pay them for their good work and time. At this point Dealership B is your friend, and deserves your support. Good luck with resolving the dispute with Dealership A. You...
  10. Brodie

    ignation fail

    Jrr Here is a write up concerning the ignition switch on the 2006 FJR. Enjoy. Brodie 🙂
  11. Brodie

    Rear shock rebuilds

    Harpo RaceTech also offers to rebuild the “non-rebuildable” rear shock, by adding that schrader valve, and refreshing the internals. While they are in there you can, for a price, opt to have them install their Gold Valve shim stacks, and put a stiffer replacement spring on it. It will transform...
  12. Brodie

    FJR's don't like dirt - let alone floods and ...

    This… When I was running a motorcycle tire I was getting about 5,000 (s)miles on a rear tire. I have a rather heavy wrist. Every seven weeks had me visiting my favourite tire shop. I was looking to save money somewhere, even to buy a NoMar tire changer to save mount and balance charges. With...
  13. Brodie

    Parts Wanted WTT - My Gen2 Cee Baileys 22" Reverse Contour for your XXL/25" Windscreen

    Wow, I forgot I wrote that. Nothing has changed, it still is performing as advertised; and going on eight years, and 110,000 (s)miles later the windshield drive mechanism is still working well, in spite of its great size and leverage. The offer is still open, however, if you find yourself...
  14. Brodie

    Parts Wanted WTT - My Gen2 Cee Baileys 22" Reverse Contour for your XXL/25" Windscreen

    I also have a V-Stream that I purchased new, 7 years ago for my ‘08 FJR Advanced Edition. I had it on my bike for about a week, then boxed it up when my Rifle +4+8 barn door came. If you were to find yourself here in the San Jose Bay Area, we could mount it on your bike and go on a ride to see...
  15. Brodie

    2016 and 2007 FJR Still my favorites

    The green looks sharp! They did a nice job on it. Brodie 🙂
  16. Brodie


    Here is another method: When the gage starts blinking and starts accumulating miles from zero, reset the average mileage counter on the dash. It will quickly give you the calculated value, which gets more accurate as the miles count up. Figure on a gallon worth of miles before time to look for...
  17. Brodie

    FJR1300 To Be Retired

    Tangerine and Lime Yellow !!! Brodie 😎
  18. Brodie

    The New 2023 FJR 1300!! (JK) Ha!

    Could have be worse, they could have been canary yellow. Brodie 🤪
  19. Brodie

    Thousand mile day.

    Actually, I used the bag, with an extended drain tube exiting at the outside edge of my left boot’s heel @ground level. While pumping gas I’d be multitasking, then walk out to the grass patch at the sidewalk to open the valve. Fifteen gas stops between Santa Cruiz and Jacksonville Beach — I...
  20. Brodie

    Thousand mile day.

    That’s what a Stadium Pal is for. DAMHIK Brodie 😳