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  1. Cyclepath

    Split: Off-topic about front brake light switch recall

    I had the front brake switch assembly swapped as part of the Yamaha - recognized recall on my 2013. Works great now.
  2. Cyclepath

    Won’t start in neutral with side stand down 2008 Model

    Thanks for sharing how this is now resolved Glenfruin. Should be no embarassment on most of these things, as we can end up troubleshooting symptoms that potentially, are the result of multiple contributing factors (i.e. farkles we added, aging wiring harness, flaky connectors, even programmed...
  3. Cyclepath

    2022 FJR Lean Angle Sensor

    Weird - thanks for that posting OP. Guess those with ES models might have more reason than usual to avoid running a battery too low.
  4. Cyclepath

    Replacing clutch switch

    Hey bob431389, just a clarification, 2013 and newer are known as "Gen 3" / Gen III bikes. That will matter in future, possibly for this current thread (?), but certainly for a number of other things you may search up here on the forum. Sorry, can't offer pinpoint guidance yet on where in the...
  5. Cyclepath

    Windscreen not retracting w/ key off/neutral, etc??

    Yep, sounds like you battery may not be taking the charge you're trying to give it. If the bike was not running, and your static voltage measurement was still jumping around, it could be you have some low resistance / mild short in the harness draining down the battery too (?). How about the...
  6. Cyclepath

    Flashing ABS Light

    Last summer, I followed up on a Momma Yama recall for the front brake lever switch (as JQL referenced earlier here), and voila' - my flashing ABS dash lamp has been silent ever since. Yamaha Canada reimbursed the stealership - so no cost to me (other than killing time waiting while the shop did...
  7. Cyclepath

    Stripped Oil Pump Cover Bolt

    Yikes - that's not good. Perhaps someone else here can confirm any past success using something like a Helicoil insert? Here's their info web page
  8. Cyclepath

    FJRF014 - Brake Light Switch (CA, UK, & US) (2013-2020)

    I too, am soon scheduling an appointment at a local shop to get the front switch replaced under this recall.   First noticed my Criuse Control indicator flashing [as a status that CC could not engage] just after I bought my Gen3 used last year. The problem wasn't presenting a latched failure...
  9. Cyclepath

    Do I need a new (stock) stator?

    Hey, I owned a Gen1 for about 8 years, and rain or shine, she always started (with same battery over >75K miles too).  However, when I was a much younger fool riding an RD400, I was an unlucky victim of what turned out to be a bad rectifier. Don't know about your Gen1 (I now have a Gen3), so...
  10. Cyclepath

    FJRF014 - Brake Light Switch (CA, UK, & US) (2013-2020)

    Yep, here in western Canuckistan, I got my letter from Yamaha on the brake light switch recall a few weeks ago.  Had I not received one, I was going to probably just dig into the root cause and resolve it myself, but it's nice this will instead be handled for me in the next few months when I...
  11. Cyclepath

    KrZy8 Hissy Fit - Stumbling/Dying off Idle,

    Hey Mr. Carver, just thought I'd stick my schnoz in here and offer a couple thoughts from a challenging situation I watched my buddy [rides a 2013 Suzy V-Strom 1000] go through throughout this past riding season.  Back in June his Strom started sputtering under load while we were out in the...
  12. Cyclepath

    Weird symptoms. Need your expertise please...

    My pappy's old common sense about checking / replacing a fuel filter - does that apply here? Good luck in your quest...
  13. Cyclepath

    Oil coming out of valve cover

    I think you should quickly take your FJR elsewhere and get a second opinion. These things really are built pretty well, and the opinions you've received from the first shop just sound cwazy to me. Good luck in your quest...
  14. Cyclepath

    Front Wheel Bearings

    For the record, my Gen 1 now has almost 90,000 miles, and as far as I know (I'm not the original owner), she's never had a bearing job on either wheel yet. Also, in the 7 years I've ridden her, she's experienced quite a bit of rain with a mix of cold / hot weather on trips. Every time I swap...
  15. Cyclepath

    Relay arm bearing time.

    Hey hppants, I spent some time in my cold garage this past March looking after the rear suspension linkage rebuild on my Gen 1. Worked out well, just had to get a local shop to press in the new bearings. The rest I was able to do myself, and because I already had her back end suspended in my...
  16. Cyclepath

    Fork Seals Didn't

    Hey Joeh, I'm guessing you probably didn't nic / score *both* tubes (you seemed to indicate you were seeing fluid on *both* tubes). Maybe as dravnx suggested earlier, you just don't have the seals fully seated?
  17. Cyclepath

    My New 2004 FJR1300

    Welcome to the world of the Gen1 mranalli ! Yes, she'll roast your 'nads a bit on the hot days, but as already stated here, she'll keep you warmer on days when you might instead start getting concerned about the level of grip your tires have on cold pavement (!). I put an aftermarket rear...
  18. Cyclepath

    What's that hose coming from the airbox

    When I said "pressure" - I meant air pressure.
  19. Cyclepath

    What's that hose coming from the airbox

    I'm pretty sure that airbox hose is there to equalize pressure with the crankcase, just as with automobile combustion engines.
  20. Cyclepath

    Help me spend my money on suspension upgrade

    HyperPro 461 with remote adjuster for me - used for over 5 years so far, just had it rebuilt by Klaus in New Jersey. Feels new again...