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  1. BigOgre

    New Member in Salem, OR

    Nice shop there. And nice find for you! RJ has some good advice above about getting baselines. Along with that thought I'm wondering if the PO, with his background, might have kept service records for the bike. Couldn't hurt to ask. Will you be getting your hands dirty doing...
  2. BigOgre

    New member from Saint Louis area.

    Welcome. Just to clear up a point, did it run fine before you touched the exhaust? Can you say that was the point when things changed? Thinking of the Last Thing You Screwed With theory to narrow things down.
  3. BigOgre

    2014 with serious problem

    I agree with starting with the basics. Charge and pull the batt then take it to a local auto parts place and have it load tested. If that shows bad then try a new/good battery and go from there.
  4. BigOgre

    Ongoing Fork Issues 04'

    Some things here which might help you figure things out. FredW's idea might help with the diagnosis.
  5. BigOgre

    Unintended New Owner

    We s-l-o-w-l-y made the move to NC just before Covid hit but were fortunate to be familiar with the area beforehand. Still, visiting and living full-time are two different things. Any doubts I've had though have pretty much been erased. Scoot, my suggestion to someone who feels as you do...
  6. BigOgre

    2013 FJR Rear Shock

    Wouldn't any new Gen III shock work as a replacement?
  7. BigOgre

    Parts For Sale Free left side muffler 2014 FJR

    This was one of the better threads here on the forum. Maybe a mod could move your post over.
  8. BigOgre

    Garmin Zumo discount
  9. BigOgre

    Garmin Zumo discount

    Ross, I'm not positive but I believe I read that the XT2 mount has been beefed up a bit and might be backwards compatible to the XT. If you'll be buying another mount this might be worth looking into.
  10. BigOgre

    Tracer 9 GT--to Replace my FJR?

    No idea how much homework you've done nor did you ask about other alternatives but here's a link to another thread which might be of some interest. Some worthwhile opinions in there me thinks. Edit: Read through or jump...
  11. BigOgre

    Long-Distance Endurance MT10 Project

    Your knowledge here is vastly superior than mine but I'd have to tether that somehow. I just don't trust Velcro and its ilk to last, especially in the heat. And I'll take this opportunity to say thanks for posting this build here. Not only has it been enjoyable to follow along but it's a damn...
  12. BigOgre

    Garmin Zumo discount

    Might give you an argument there Ross. Makes sense if you can't remember to monitor it's usage but there's been plenty of times I've stood next to the bike, sometimes with other riders looking on, as I figure out where I'm heading to next. Usually during a little break in the shade and the...
  13. BigOgre

    Garmin Zumo discount

    Ding Ding Ding What does Ross win folks?
  14. BigOgre

    Trade: Your Gen 1 for my Gen 2

    If you should find a Gen I chances are the ABS won't be working anyways. Might expand your options.
  15. BigOgre

    Headlight adjusters: do they do anything?

    And also make sure to keep the tranny in neutral while in front of that wall. :whistle: (Sorry. Wanted to contribute. Couldn't think of anything else.)
  16. BigOgre

    FJR1300 To Be Retired

    Really like! Not sure if we'll see the Ultimate here in the States but if so it'll cost me some $$ just to have.
  17. BigOgre

    Long time FJR Gen 1, owner, back.

    Welcome back from Moore County.
  18. BigOgre

    Time to say goodbye

    You sure you don't work for Honda? If not, you should. You'd make a heck of a salesman. And your bike looks great in that pic too btw. Thanks for writing that for us all. Stop back when you can, always enjoyed your posts.
  19. BigOgre

    Hello from Ireland

    Don't know if that's stock or not but I could guess where the inspiration for it came from.
  20. BigOgre

    Rear crash bars

    And one would think the Police are probably the group who practices low speed maneuvers the most. Go figure.