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    Passenger Seat Luggage Options

    Another rackless option. -Steve
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    Garmin Zumo discount

    Try to find something like this?
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    Considering a 2016 FJR, but concerned about tranny recall.

    Other thoughts - Buying from a Yamaha dealer? They may be obligated to carry out the recall. No issues with tranny after recall. 15,000+ miles. Tire pressure/lowering/risers as noted above could all be playing a part. ES? what are the suspension settings, another variable that could play a role...
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    Parts Wanted Saddlebag Yamaha Logo

    Got it, thx Dan/Old Guy Thx for the comments. I am aware of the points you make. Just looking for used one, before I have to purchase new. -Steve
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    Parts Wanted Saddlebag Yamaha Logo

    Hello Lance Thx for the reply. I am looking for just the bit that says YAMAHA. Its glued to the rubber strip in your photo. What you have is more than I need, and they look to be in good shape. (If you’re thinking about selling, you’d do better keeping them whole I think) I’ll hang on and see if...
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    Parts Wanted Saddlebag Yamaha Logo

    Ok, you made me look. 1MC-SCBCR-00-00 available in Canada, logo & rubstrip about C$120 5JW-W9345-00-00 available in US, logo only, about US$15. If no offers, I will ask my dealer if they can order the logo only. -Steve
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    Parts Wanted Saddlebag Yamaha Logo

    Anyone with a rashed up bag laying around willing to part with the silver on black Yamaha logo? It fits in a cutout molded into the chrome rubstrip, at least Gen II and up. I lost one somewhere between Florida and home last yr. Unless someone knows better, my dealer says it can only be bought...
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    TomTom 550 Destination Search Problem

    I took my 665 to Iceland in 2014. By then I was already loading NA maps to external storage. I bought the map set that included Iceland and loaded it on a separate micro SD card. If I recall, the only ‘trick’ is putting everything in a /garmin directory. Swapping SD cards with the 665 off takes...
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    Garmin Zumo discount

    Lots of old discussions on this forum dealing with and overcoming storage restrictions on 55x & 66x Garmin devices. Here’s one - Post in thread 'Garmin Zumo 550 Memory Limitations' -Steve
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    Electro-Farkling 2016

    Contact Custom Dynamics, they will have suggestions/products to slow down the flashing. In my experience, excellent customer service as well. -Steve
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    Electro-Farkling 2016

    Happy to hear you found a solution that works for you. Enjoy your success. -Steve
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    Electro-Farkling 2016

    Most welcome. Be sure to post the outcome. We can ask Admin to break this topic out if this thread and make it easier for others to find/follow your pioneering success! Good luck. -Steve
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    Electro-Farkling 2016

    It was “indicators” that tripped me up. I have never thought of the turn signals as DRL’s. To me they are side marker lights and turn signals. In Canada, this lamp is lit at half intensity while the ignition is on, and full intensity when flashing (signaling). If I understand, this is the...
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    Electro-Farkling 2016

    Just to be sure we are talking about the same thing - In the ES headlight module, there are the headlights and what Yamaha calls "active cornering lights". Are these the lamps you are asking about? If yes, all I know is what Yamaha has told me. - "Active" LED cornering lights with special IMU. a...
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    Headlight Modulator suggestions

    +1 on no modulator. Some info to help you understand adding some additional lights to an OEM LED equipped FJR.Click here There are other threads to have a look at, Search function will help you. -Steve
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    FJR Common Torque Values and Wrench Sizes

    Maybe this will help those in need, and doesnt raise the wrath of Admins - -Steve
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    FJR Age Limit

    Its not about selling new machines. Dealer profits are in parts and service, not much in new sales. The issue is that machines over a certain age tend to have more instances of stripped threads, bad fasteners, bush fixes, rusty bits, etc. When the service tech runs into these problems, and the...
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    Extremely low MPG

    Read a few of the many posts on this topic and you see numbers that group around 50 miles/80 km. As many have said - ‘your mileage may vary. . . . .” -Steve
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    Consider asking ‘A’ if they would sell you the parts at cost. Do it yourself or pay ‘B’. -Steve
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    My experiment with BMW has taken a downturn

    Reported some time ago. (2014) -Steve