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  1. samamoto

    North Cascades SR-20 is OPEN!

    When is this unintended and unplanned gathering expected to happen? I'm in a need to get a day off as well and a US20-US2 loop would be nice.
  2. samamoto


    Glad you did wear a helmet and didn't brake any bones or got a concussion. Kind of reminds me of my childhood. The only difference is back than I'd be back on the bike in few hours and now I'd be sore and achy for two weeks or so.
  3. samamoto

    PNW Tech Meet #22 POSTPONED until further notice

    Monroe -> Carnation -> Auburn reminder set in my calendar. Bench racing only. It will be a good excuse to wash by bike for the event!
  4. samamoto

    Code for ... gone

    I got this one for a previous purchase so I doubt it.
  5. samamoto

    Code for ... gone

  6. samamoto

    AE air filter fun

    Gen II AE has the afterthought shift actuator arm going right in front of the air filter cover. That thing is such a XXX to take off and out that it is actually worth to consider taking the whole air box out for that purpose. I doesn't take that much time and saves a lot of frustration. 
  7. samamoto

    The ONE Picture Ride Report

    No FJR for now but the life goes on. Somehow I never found this place to be on the way until now.
  8. samamoto

    2006 FJR AE $2,000.00

    I'd say you're underpricing it. I traded in mine a week ago for that much, 2006 AE with 79000 miles, pretty much stock because anything of value or use I took off. It was no garage queen either.
  9. samamoto

    Russell Day Long seat for 2nd gen

    Well, long story short, the continuous struggle with keeping my FJR as it should be cost me most of the summer riding season and enough money and frustration that I decided to trade it in. Since last Friday I'm an owner of 2014 V-Strom 1000.
  10. samamoto

    Russell Day Long seat for 2nd gen

    That was quick... I'll PM you the total and the info by the end of the day.
  11. samamoto

    Bridgestone Battlax T31 GT - 120/70ZR-17

    Bridgestone Battlax Sport Touring T31 GT Front Motorcycle Tire 120/70ZR-17 (58W), new, never mounted. Was supposed to go on the bike this summer but... Made 25/18. I would rather avoid shipping at this time, $80 for local pickup...
  12. samamoto

    Russell Day Long seat for 2nd gen

    My bike is gone and so needs to go the seat. I'm 6-0 and 190#, it fits me great, by far the best seat out there. No damages, rips or tears, looks pretty much new. $300 with local pickup or plus shipping.
  13. samamoto

    Reuben Run #8

    I had to cancel my booking... My FJR just isn't there anymore ready to ride... Every time I think I have it fixed something new shows up and the total costs just add up so badly I'm forced to pass on this fine event... Not the summer I was expecting with my bike at all... On the good side -...
  14. samamoto

    PNW Tech meet #21 July 20, 2019

    At the end it looks like I'll be able to join as well. I'll have front tire to be swapped.
  15. samamoto

    Carbtune around Seattle

    An update: Just picked up my bike today. The shop replaced the valve cover gasket, "glued it to the valve cover", installed new orings on the coolant pipe where it enters the valve cover, replaced the coolant. They even washed the bike. The idle was a bit better this time but the bike would...
  16. samamoto

    Carbtune around Seattle

    Nothing yet. I was on the phone with them on Saturday, they still didn't get to it. Monday all the shops are closed. I still cross my fingers to be able to pick it up on Friday. The only update yet is that my own carbtune arrived over the weekend so now I have two in the garage. I'll make sure...
  17. samamoto

    Visiting Miss Lucy Liu/Lucille next week

    WA12 going West from Yakima (White Pass) is fun, not exactly WA20 fun but still great. If you did already 97 North you could take the route below through Hanford. If curves is what you are after than you'll truly enjoy that section between Willowdale and Heppner...