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  1. Cyclepath

    Goodmans wrecked in KY

    Sorry for your indicent Goodman. May God heal you both good as new.
  2. Cyclepath

    The Last Pie Ride

    Dang, more merciless taunting for us northerners hoping to taste those Cali twisties soon. :cry:
  3. Cyclepath

    2021 YFO and Rueben Run 10

    Well, that was a more than entertaining way to spend my lunch hour today - thanks Mr. Carver. BTW, if you aren't already on the California State Department of Tourism, methinks you should be.  😉 Have a great day...
  4. Cyclepath

    Ferrari Gurlz - Carmel

    Lucky bastage - again (as usual), nice ride report there Mr. Carver. Even vaccinated, I have no confidence my buddies and I will be able to return to your fair state and enjoy similar twisties & vistas in the rational 2021 riding season.  😭 Glad we can live vicariously through you. Keep the...
  5. Cyclepath

    2020-02-10 HiWay 1, End of Road

    Will do!
  6. Cyclepath

    2020-02-10 HiWay 1, End of Road

    Very nice Mr. Carver - thanks for sharing as always. My wife and I drove a rental car all over the north half of California back in Sep 2018, and ended up taking a number of coastal vista camera shots all long that stretch both north and south of Big Sur.  Really hoping to get down there with...
  7. Cyclepath

    FOOL rides again - Arroyo Seco campground

    As usual, very nice, taunting us Great White Northers; sitting here with the wind howling outside and windchill putting us down into the -30 degrees (C) so far now in January. Really looking forward to beating these pandemic blues, and safely returning to at least the north half of your fine...
  8. Cyclepath

    RU cold, wet, snowed in, iced up? Me too.

    Happy New Year, you lucky bastage. 
  9. Cyclepath

    2020-11-30 First CBX Ride!

    Dang Mr. Carver, you've got TOO MANY toys.  Hard not to be jeally over here... She does look good, even now in 2020.  Here's hoping her heart keeps pounding strong and true for years to come. 💪
  10. Cyclepath

    SR 821 canyon road revisited Yakima, WA

    Rode it with some buddies en route (south) to northern California back in 2016. Me likey!  :thumbsupsmileyanim:
  11. Cyclepath

    Northeast Washington

    Thanks for sharing Fontanaman - this road report makes me hungry to see pandemic rules easing later this summer, and myself + some of my usual suspects venturing into WA state backroads again. Your 2017 looks real nice in the sun.
  12. Cyclepath

    Short report

    Keep the road reports coming FJRay, and of course, keep that shiny side up!
  13. Cyclepath

    Fly and Ride 17 FJR

    That was an excellent set of road report segments. Thank you sir!
  14. Cyclepath

    Fly and Ride 17 FJR

    Sheesh, better bring your waterwings when it rains in that last pic's spot!
  15. Cyclepath

    Fly and Ride 17 FJR

    Lucky bastage! Enjoy the ride, and your new machine.
  16. Cyclepath

    Last ride for awhile..

    Ouch man, that looks like it doesn't hurt AT ALL ! Best wishes for a speedy return to 2 wheels...
  17. Cyclepath

    Last ride for awhile..

    Nice job Mr. Carver. Sorry to hear you're having to duel with medical professionals with pointy instruments; hope all goes well with no infections(!). Cheers.
  18. Cyclepath

    a 60 degree day in January!

    Lucky bastage.  We're gonna be at -42 with windchill tonight. Guess I'll be throttling her back a bit for a while... 😲
  19. Cyclepath

    Out and Aboooot with Neil Pert

    Encore, encore!
  20. Cyclepath

    Yosemite Ride in November

    Thanks for teasing the rest of us Mr. Carver.  Coincidentally, this past weekend I was sketching a behemoth route: down from Edmonton to Bryce Canyon (UT) then west over top of Vegas into Death Valley, back north through Lee Vining, west through Yosemite west passing right under...